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    Middlesbrough 1 - 4 Bees (Toney(2), Janelt, Jensen)

    I had a dream last night that we won this game 4-1 and I just got up and checked the score (California time), and lo and behold!!!
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    Middlesbrough FAC R3. 9 Jan. 2021 ko 6pm

    We won 2-1, and it was very muddy! I watched from the old Brook Road stand, which was packed and rocking. 1963-64 was a crazy season. We demolished Wrexham 9-0, biggest ever home win; then lost 2-6 to Luton, biggest ever home defeat! Plus we used 4 different goalkeepers that season, and The...
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    Hardest player in each position

    Dick Renwick, left back. Peter Gelson, center half
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    Thomas Frank

    True! She worked in collaboration with the composer George Antheil ("Ballet Mechanique") on developing a torpedo guidance system based on frequency hopping:
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    Christian Nørgaard

    Yes but Harry Webb picked that name in tribute to his hero, Little Richard. He could have picked Cliff Penniman.
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    The boat race

    I got a half blue for completing just over half of the King's Street Run (10 pints in 10 pubs in one evening, one forfeit pint for every pee). I made it to 6 + 1 forfeit. Long live Adnams!
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    Dean Smith (Norwich City)

    "Villa, Villa, Villa's not your steppin' stone..."
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    Brentford v Aston Villa; Reports and Reactions.

    Don't remind me. It was on my birthday and my dad offered to take me as a birthday treat. I said "no thanks" as I'd just seen us lose at home to Bristol Rovers 6-2 the previous Saturday. I wasn't going to have my birthday ruined by watching that rubbish. So he went by himself and gloated ever...
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    FA Cup 3rd R v Oxford United (H) Saturday 5 January 3pm CONFIRMED

    I was there for that: something like 29,000 in attendance. Biggest crowd I've ever seen at GP.
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    Gordon Phillips - Brentford FC - RIP

    Couldn't agree more! Devastating news. Sympathies to his family. RIP Gordon.
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    Talking about the WC..etc...

    Home in Cranford. Went to the Quarter Final vs. Argentina with my mum. Saw Rattin sent off and Geoff Hurst's winner was at our end. Everyone went nuts. Watched the final on TV in black and white - only saw it in colour when the film "Goal" was released shortly after.
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    How long since you've been to GP (Overseas Bees)

    Me too. Took the wife to her first ever Bees game and met the Warren Bees for beers in the Griffin. A day to remember.
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    Richard Murton - Rancho Mirage Bee RIP

    Very sad news but a very moving tribute. Best wishes to all the family. Loved your dad's posts.
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    Los Angeles

    Definitely: When I first moved to LA in 1975 I lived 2 minutes away and met the great man for cocktails. Here's their website: The Chicken Marsala is my favourite. The King's Head pub in Santa Monica is worth a visit too.
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    First ever football game attended?

    1 April, 1961, Sheffield United 1, Liverpool 1 (old Division 2). All my first games were in Sheffield as my mum's relatives were from there and her cousin Jack was a huge Blades fan. Bramall Lane was also a Yorkshire cricket ground back then so one side of the ground was open (terrible...
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