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    Bob Marley - Bohemians away shirt

    You're both wrong but thanks for playing. :cool:
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    Bob Marley - Bohemians away shirt

    They tried to get that design through a couple of years back but ran into legal issues. Great design but as it's a Bohs shirt I am obliged* to say that it's gimmicky nonsense and I hope it fails miserably. *Disclaimer: I may be biased
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    The Away Lounges

    "....the customer is always right....." :fishing:
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    The Away Lounges

    So you mean the "Football a la Brentford" experience isn't an entirely positive one? :unsure:
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    Middlesex Senior Cup 2021-22

    Not very much unfortunately. Hanwell are having a decent season but the gap between the 2 sides was substantial. I was quite impressed by Peart-Harris, Young-Coombes, Maghoma and Gilbert (1st half).
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    General Cricket Thread

    Ireland have beaten the West Indies by 2 wickets and win their ODI series 2-1. Get in there!
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    The Ashes 2021/22

    No. England are probably about 5th or 6th in my view. Zimbabwe are arguably even worse than Ireland at test level and hopefully we'll get a chance to show that later on this year. The last time England won a series in Australia they had proper preparation out there so that they were used to...
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2022

    Not guilty your honour
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    Tickets Man City (A) Members +0 TAPs

    It looks as though it's available now folks.
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    Tickets Man City (A) Members +0 TAPs

    Is anyone else having trouble with trying to purchase tickets for this game this afternoon?
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    Jan Žambůrek (Signs for Viborg FF)

    Well this thread can be closed now. He has joined Viborg in Denmark on a permanent deal.
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    Yoane Wissa

    That's the sort of analysis you just don't get on Match of the Day or Sky. Thanks for cheering me up.
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    Yoane Wissa

    Ah well in that case we'd best ditch him and see if we can find ourselves the next Kevin Rapley then. Jesus!
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    Yoane Wissa

    Apart from his goal v Liverpool or the winner against West Ham you mean.... obviously!
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