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    Final Score Latest: Brentford 2 (Janelt, Toney) v QPR 1

    Osayi Samuel really is a threat how about a cheeky January bid to really piss them off , thank heavens for Rico , would certainly solve our wide player problems .
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    Final Score Barnsley 0 - 1 Brentford (Toney)

    Great win ! Janelt made a massive difference allowed Da Silva and particularly Jensen to get further forward, Fosu worked really hard and made a good impact too . You could see the confidence flow back and a dodgy handball aside we totally bossed it after we scored and should have made it safe...
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    Post Match Thread Wycombe 0-0 Brentford

    After nearly 24 hrs still pretty depressed after that performance particularly in the second half . Among our other problems it’s pretty obvious that we just don’t have the ability to change a game from the bench , we switch formation and everyone loses the plot completely, we were hanging on...
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    Final Score Wycombe 0 - 0 Bees

    Well at least my 10 quid goes to a great cause....
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    The Former Grounds of Brentford FC

    Fascinating piece of work , was never really sure wher a couple of our former homes were. Vividly remember my grandfather who was born in 1890 telling me about seeing his beloved Bees play before they moved to GP . I think he saw them play at the last 2 grounds before we made the move let’s hope...
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    Suggestion John Bostock (Unattached midfielder)

    A perfect example of how not to make the most of your talent . Thought he was a star way too soon and didn’t realise that actually money and plaudits at an early age are no substitute for hard work . An example of the same in total reverse is Josh Dasilva who could easily have taken a soft...
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 0 - 0 Middlesbrough

    Always difficult to be subjective just after a really disappointing performance like that but when you look at the goals we have scored this season most have come from getting behind the defence and cutting balls back for Toney to score from close range. We never had possession in the right...
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Middlesbro

    Can always tell how we’re going to perform after the first 10 or even 5 minutes , why do we always seem to start so slowly recently? Very hard to pick up the pace of a game when the tempo is verging on soporific at the start !
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    Charlie Goode - Signs to June 2024 (plus 1 Yr Option)

    Looked totally out of his depth in the first half hour and could easily have cost us a goal early with a nervous cross field pass straight to one of their forwards , but .... he dug in and says something about his character that he recovered from that poor start and improved as the game went on...
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    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    That was a stressful watch ! One shot on target is economical I guess but it’s pretty clear that our squad is at full stretch , JDS is running on empty and needs a strategic injury to pull him out of the U21 squad so he can get a rest. Janelt needs to start Saturday , Ghoddos and Marcondes need...
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    My email address for both ticketing account and Ifollow are the same so should be upgraded but when I follow the instructions the Swansea game has a blank screen where it should show ‘you already have been granted access to this match’ am I missing something or is that wrong ?, the Boro game has...
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    How will/should LR and other stadiums open/reopen to fans?

    As others have said little or no chance of it happening this season . What pees me off is that fans could and should have been allowed back on a limited basis when the season kicked off . The policy of wait till October was always doomed to failure , what were we waiting for ? the pandemic to...
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    Match Latest Stoke 3 - 2 Brentford (Forss(2))

    Just realised what’s wrong , counted the Stoke players and there are 15 of them on the pitch at least that’s the way it seemed .
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    Team for Stoke (away)

    Not sure Mbuemo will be fit ? Had ice pack on his leg after coming off on Wednesday and with so many games coming up if there’s any danger of making things worse they’ll not risk him. With so many injuries at all clubs at the moment this season is all about squad depth and survival of the...
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