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    Final Score Bees 0 - 1 Brighton

    There was never any doubt that this season was going to be difficult, we’ve been used to dominating games and winning far more than losing for the past 6 years so defeats, and there will be plenty of them , have to be seen in the context of the division we are now in . I thought we were pretty...
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    Bees v Brighton Predictions

    Definitely be tougher than Arsenal , Brighton love a bit of possession but if we can press relentlessly and take our chances we can win , 2-1 Bees .
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    General Last Day of Transfer Window Documented

    Pretty much tells you all you need to know! Sounds like some sort of financial sanity has been restored particularly in the Championship where the basket case clubs are paying the price for past excesses . Sounds like we came pretty close to our RB / RWB but combination of Brexit and Covid...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    So after 62 threads of players ranging from Lionel Messi to Jake Bidwell looks like we hit the target 4 times for first team signings . Still a few hours left but I wonder how much collective time we’ve all spent following all the dead ends !!!
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    Gone Elsewhere Daniel James (Signed for Leeds)

    As a footballer he’s a good 100m runner.
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    Mads Bech Sørensen (Long Term Injury)

    Feel really sorry for him , definitely would have played a reasonable number of games and his improvement over the last couple of seasons has been great to see. Let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery think we’re going to miss those long throws. The only thing that softens the blow is we...
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    EFL Cup Forest Green (H) Tue Aug 24th

    Quite looking forward to this one now, we have so many players that need some game time be interesting to see what team Thomas selects . Midfield could be interesting, Bidstrup , Baptiste , Jensen , Peart-Harris , Ghoddos , Zamburek and Fosu could all do with 90 minutes ! Plus FGR have won all 5...
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    Ethan Pinnock

    Think Mr Southgates missed that particular boat , but agreed Ethan was immense again today !
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    Ethan Pinnock

    Ethan Pinnock sums up everything good about the way we do our business , an absolute steal when we signed him and a player who will excel in the Premier league . There is an element of emporers new clothes about some of what goes on in the Premier league , all the clubs have so much money they...
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    EFL Cup Forest Green (H) Tue Aug 24th

    Brilliant draw ! Chance to give the squad players a game , top up Taps for those that need to and for the 92 club brigade to put a tick in the box Also chance for my daughter whose off to live in France for a while to see a game before she goes .
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    Final Score Brentford 2 Valencia 1 (Pinnock, Onyeka)

    Just do it in your own name , trying to get tickets for daughter and friends but it only allows you to buy 2 ! I get it for Prem games which will all sell out but the crowds for these 2 friendlies which could have both been near capacity will struggle to top 10000 , given up trying to get them...
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    Final Score Brentford 2 Valencia 1 (Pinnock, Onyeka)

    So my daughter decides at last minute she and 5 mates want to go to the West Ham game , none are members etc plenty of availability when I book it asks for all info on her and her mates but then says they are ineligible, anything to stop me just booking them all in my name ?
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    Final Score Brentford 2 Valencia 1 (Pinnock, Onyeka)

    Just been on to get extra ones for the West Ham game , pleasantly surprised after all the issues highlighted on here how easy it was , seats selected close to my ST seat , couldn’t be easier , loads available at the moment but I’m sure they will be selling fast !!
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    Mathias Jensen

    Let’s hope it’s not too bad , but if your 15 mins away from a potential EC final , need a goal and the impact of you going off is 10 men and inevitable elimination then to say the least it would have to be pretty bad for you not to be able to carry on on one leg !!
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