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    Post Match Thread Wycombe 0-0 Brentford

    Disappointed with that result and even more by the way we played. I'm not sure changing certain individuals around is going to have much impact. It seems to me that the whole team seem to have lost touch with the basics such as passing to each other. It so frustrating seeing players give the...
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 0 - 0 Middlesbrough

    I had similar feelings about the match. Our players are too often receiving the ball when stationary and that makes it easier to defend. If they could be moving before receiving the ball it gives them an advantage. When this does happen we look far more dangerous and have the defending team...
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    iFollow v Swansea; How to Ensure you SHOULD be ok to Watch on iFollow

    My daughter sorts ours out on her Mac. She gets the black screen sometimes when she first logs in. She just refreshes the page and it then works fine. Give it a try tomorrow to see if works.
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    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    I have paid for 2 season tickets and was likely to give the cost as a donation. Now with these different aka unfair deals I have changed my mind. Not impressed by what the club are suggesting.
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    Video Tour of New Stadium

    I love the look of the new stadium and can't wait to see it in person. The West Stand concourse looks huge which doesn't look like it can fit under the stand 😁
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    Oxford (H) Final Score: 2-2

    The sound is off putting. I think the mics may be automatically turning on/off when they speak but it then cuts off the background noise also. Will take a bit of getting used to.
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    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    I thought he did well last night. He was having to play a more defensive role at times and did well. He looked like he was getting tired (not tracking back so well) before he was subbed. Was the correct decision to sub him.
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    Brentford FC Google Calendar?

    Mine has disappeared too. It still shows as being added to my calendar in the settings but is not showing.
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    Halil Dervişoğlu - (June 2024) - On loan to Galatasary until June 2021

    I thought he was good in the warm up too. I saw 3 finishes in the warm up that all went inside the post and hit the side netting. Sign of a natural goalscorer I hope.
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    Brentford vs Swansea Champagne moments

    Stuck between Pontus just throwing his whole body in the way of a shot in the first half and Jensen passing to himself with a quick one two to take out a couple of their players.
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    "St George's" shirts wanted

    Stedders I have dug out a St George's shirt size large if you still want it?
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    "St George's" shirts wanted

    Stedders, I might have one. I'll have a look and let you know if I find it.
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    Kurt On Ticketing System Issues

    I still can't buy a ticket for my daughter, and get her member discount, when I am logged in to my account. As I buy all her tickets I now have to log in as her but this is not acceptable. I brought West Brom tickets for us both today but both are under my name as she can't be chosen in the drop...
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    Bees v Reading Match Reports and Reaction

    Not got much else to add to the match reports apart from to add another episode about the poor ref/lino. When Neal hit the post from the corner in the second half he was given offside. You can't be offside from a corner and you can't be offside from your own pass when onside (hit the post and...
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    Champagne moment V Sheffield Wednesday

    All of the above plus Neals control in the second half. The ball is passed to him in the air, he beats the SW defender to it but it goes nearly straight up in the air, no problems for neal as he then controls it again, does a couple of keep uppies and lays the ball off. Brilliant stuff!
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