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  • Hello Smiffy,

    Do you think we'll be able to get a charity game at GP with your lot next summer ?

    Dave Guilfoyle - 07545808210

    are you one of or involved with the lads of beesotted fanzine,i was wanting to ask about flags as well as mine was lost after Sheffield Utd,i was gutted,had it 10 years,want to get a new one and thought theyd have good advice as to where i can get a good one made of good quality and price,being i ve seen their own at Bees and with England

    Beesotted on the GPG is not related to Beesotted Fc, so sorry you have not had a resonse from that.
    Do you have a mobile or e-mail you could Private Message to me ?
    sound as mate,any of the 2 teams available would great,i want it to be a team associated with Brentford and would like all players connected to the 2 teams playing to have sponsor sheets,then we'll split it 50/50 down the middle going to the Lorraine Fagan Meningitis Research Foundation and towards the club,whichever way Beesotted or Hey Jude want to donate it.i sent a similar message to Beesotted on here weeks ago,havnt yet got a reply..Who would be the best person to ask associated to the club,i understand about club pitch schedules and availabilities and would like to give them plenty of notice in advance,if we are fortunate enough to be fitted in im sure there'd be a good crowd in attendance,talking hundreds,as the family of Lorraine are well known and liked round my way,Ruislip Hayes Northolt Greenford Ealing way,this would definately put a bit of money behind the bar if they open one
    hello,Smiffy seem to be in the know as to who i can get in contact with in regards to hey jude or beesotted fc ? i want to arrange a charity footie match at GP,(NEXT SUMMER SOME TIME),much thanks in advance
    Hello Smiffy,
    there's 6 of us wanting a place on the boat to Charlton and I can't find the proper e-mail address to contact on the BIAS website to book them. Can you point me in the right direction please?

    Kind regards, Beeo
    hello mate, need to talk to you about playing this season! whats your email so we can correspond?
    OMG!! were soooo funny on Saturday and your brief "tv appearance" on Gloryhunters blog...says it all!!!
    What is the title of your book, and have i been given anomynity or how ever you spell it
    I am bloody not!!! I am up and about, very articulate and waiting for a time when I am actually tired to go to bed!!! Amazing how much writing can be done this time of the morning, will have my book written soon and of course you are in it! The night in the Griffin, the last home game of the season, SmiffyBee walks in...and shows me something which made me gasp in could I forget???
    Is this cricket happening? I do not have "whites"...can we play 20/20 style? Or is is 40 overs?
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