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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Not sure this is possible under post Brexit rules but Chris Führich of Paderborn looks decent. On loan from Dortmund .....23 and a right sided Attacking Matilda.
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    What Football Grounds have you played at?

    Luton. Stevenage, Hertford Town, Bedfont, Hanworth Villa, Cheshunt, Ashford Town (Middx), Brentford and of course Feltham Arena! There might have been some more but I can't remember.
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    What Football Grounds have you played at?

    Calling Feltham Arena a football ground is a stretch. More like a post apocalyptic wasteland from my memory...
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    Alex Rhodes

    ....Where we're going, we don't need Rhodes......
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    Just one old bee for the play offs

    Jota in the last minute. Or Scott Hogan from the time he couldn't stop scoring..... Or DJ Campbell from 15 years ago... Etc, etc
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    Griffin Park Update

    @james121bees as suggested. Make it happen......
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    Griffin Park Update

    PrimePlace - part of Wilmot Dixon Nic Ciardini used to work for Wilmot Dixon and he used to play for Farnboro - Helpful fact...He's a nice guy, I'll try and find his number.
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    Griffin Park Update

    Eh ? If you want something, either ask for it or go along and chance your arm. Hardly a new idea mate. Why are you moaning now and not 6 months ago ?
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    Griffin Park Update

    If you want some salvage from GP, contact the builders, make an appointment and take what you can. BFC sold the site last year. 6 months later, it's too late to start bashing the club now.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    How do you know he is injured, if the club haven't announced it ?
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    Late late goals

    Suspicious..... :rolleyes:
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    Fans Protesting Inside Old Trafford - Match Postponed

    Thanks, I've made a note in my NOT BOTHERED diary. (C) @nocoat 2006
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    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    ..... did they bring on a sub ? ....
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    Griffin Park Update

    The colour doesn't match the seats...
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