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  • Shame about Leeds but we must make sure we catch up this season to say hello.

    Sure Martha will be fine but hoping she gets results she and you are happy with. Know she’ll have plenty of opportunity for continuing sport at Uni and The White Hart was one of my regular haunts in the 80’s when I worked for BA and played for the mid week side.

    Take care
    Like you, delighted by the prospect of defensive solidity this season. Shame we didn't convert one of the chances early doors v Brum as floodgates would have opened. Perhaps good that this prevents us from getting too carried away too early. I'm going to just take it as it comes and remain patient as players need time to gel. Hope to bump into you one of these days. Frustratingly, going to be in Leeds one day too late next week as we visit relatives. Wife and I cannot get it together with work to leave a day earlier! Will also miss Charlton cos we're still up there. Looking forward to Saturday with son in tow as Martha has started a new job at the White Hart in Harlington.

    Take care,


    PS message apparently too long to post in one chunk!!
    Hey Sean, great to hear from you. That's brilliant news that Lily got into Bournemouth. Cs are very decent indeed. She, and you, should be very proud. I know from what you've said before that she has worked very hard for this, and now she's opened the door to her future (sorry, that sounds crass, but you know what I mean). What is she going to study? Are you a bit apprehensive, like me, of the gap she's going to leave in your house?

    Martha on football tour in Sweden. Strict instructions not to open the envelope til she returns tomorrow evening, so don't know yet! She also has unconditional offer, for Brum, to study French and Spanish, so finally leaving the hoops, to move onto better things (has played pre-season in ladies first team friendlies).
    Wow. That all sounds very impressive (as it usually is). Realised there was going to be more than meets the eye re Moses. Hope Romaine stays but Josh is really shaping up well to replace him. Exciting times (still). Thanks ever so much for sharing. Really appreciate.

    Hope you are well and girls too. Lily nearly there now with A levels!
    Khyber Pass was the one, Sean. Had a couple of great meals in there with our friends Joe and Cathy (Perea). Don't know if you might know them. Both their lads (Luis and Joseph) were involved in the youth set up at Walton Casuals and Joe did a spot of coaching there. Have a daughter Ana too. Joe ST at QPR. Kids 23, 18 and 15 approx.
    Hello mate. Just seen there's another Bee from Walton in The Algarve! I've been staying in Vilamoura for a week, going home Weds. Currently watching Portimonense in the Portugese Prem League, can't stay away from it,lol. Hope you have a good holiday. Cheers Paul (Walton Bee)
    Martha is enjoying football. Has been captain for much of season and scored winning penalty against Palace Academy side in shoot-out yesterday (Surrey County Cup semi). I was running the line, so standing next to goal posts as it went in. Had to feign impartiality as it went in, but must admit to sly tear in eye as she was submerged beneath her team mates.

    Hope Lily is enjoying athletics. What does she do? Hope GCSE prep is going ok. Martha is getting really stressed and tired. Lots of tears tonight in fact. Says she doesn't want to go to sixth form. She works herself really hard. Keep dangling carrots in front of her... GP tomorrow, trip to grandmothers in Scotland in two weeks, mega long summer holiday soon etc. (Pat has already organised a Spain holiday for her and her aunts). How's it all going for Lily? It's a sh*t year. Schools put them under so much pressure.

    Take care,

    Hey Sean. Great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing this. I know you wouldn't pass this on if you weren't sure of the source. Would be good news to get the cash even if Villa are in same division. Doesn't make a lot of difference TBH as this season is already dead (I hope!). Would/will be fantastic news about Canos!

    Sorry to hear you're giving it a break on here. Love to read your stuff. Always on the money, but noticed things getting a bit fractious recently. Get back soon. By the way, we nearly said hello on Saturday. You were drinking near to us at the Bridge but you were fully engrossed in conversation and didn't like to disturb. Message too long, apparently... other half to follow in a minute!
    Have a good time you old Culture Vulture you, that's a bit different from a lunchtime with Ray Lyons in The King's Arms!!!!
    Very good had to sort out some finance stuff from the sale of our gaff but good to catch up with some old friends out there.The chelt literature fest is on from Saturday got some good tickets including joey Barton lol
    Cheers Bill, think some of the Northampton crew are staying same place so we'll have a giggle.
    Be good to catch up for a beer soon, how was Portugal?
    Hi mate I did text you when I read about your car getting broken into(funny thing is I was about to call you about parking as I was going to drive last Saturday but decided to give it a miss)not going to Newcastle got a lot on that weekend but going to Derby instead although I know you will have a great time.I was in Portugal last week and met up with a mate who lives out there who supports Middlesbrough and mentioned about Whitley Bay he said it used to be a big holiday spot for the Scott's years ago but it's a good train straight into Newcastle centre.You got some good company there.
    hello mate
    good deal on virgin for rovrum away,,,,,,£10 return to doncaster on their sale till tomorrow......we're on 11.03 going and 18.39 back....onward trains to rovrum only 5.80 return on the day....having a day out with the chaps!!!

    Lovely to meet you this afternoon, Sean. Really enjoyed the match. I thought it was played in an excellent spirit, and supported by two decent sets of parents. Good luck to Lily and the girls at Fleet Town next week. My daughter is Martha, by the way. She was number 16, played centre half in the second half. She's a Brentford nut like your girls.

    Looking forward to getting back to GP next Saturday. Tuesday will be tough, but I reckon we'll do PNE next Saturday.

    All the best,

    Hi Sean

    Do you want cheap tickets for Saturday. Could get 3 @ £5 each. Not sure what the seting arrnagements are. Would need names and emails for each ticket as it's a data cap exercise.


    Same here I'm sitting in front of Lily in L121 and had to get Phoebe a ticket in Ealing road with her mates but original plan was 3 together in usual area.
    See you Monday
    Thanks for letting me know. Sitting the other end of the row on Monday.

    See you at Wembley

    I'm not mate as have a family do that we'd postponed until after the football season! Going Monday though.

    Shaun (or Sean)

    Are you going to Swindon on Saturday and is there any chance of me buying a ride with you?

    Sean. I have lost all my numbers on my I phone including yours. Can you send me a message to my phone 07766 810326 so I can log yours. Hopefully it will say we've signed Messi ha, ha!!

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