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    Scott Hogan

    He has had career threatening injuries and made his way back via us to achieve contracts which have no doubt secured him financially for life. Can't blame him for that if it drove his priorities and decision making. As for his footballing legacy it is looking like being as a journeyman striker...
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    Saman Ghoddos - (Loan to June 2021 + 2yr Permanent Option)

    Lot more to come from this fella as he gets up to speed with the Championship and our style. Like Toney he offers a physical presence as well as an attacking threat.
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    Another potential gem unearthed by our recruitment team. We are awash with left footed players which seems to make us very balanced.
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    Team v Sheff Wed

    Sky reporting Canos starts and Toney having a late fitness test. They may of course have got it wrong and/or TF playing a guessing game.
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    Conditions of PL Financial Support

    Sounds like FIFA trying to one over UEFA. We have heard all this before. If FIFA had any real moral fibre they would be doing all they could to protect domestic leagues and grass roots football.
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    B-Team Production

    There's definitely a few in the pipeline but in reality that is as far as it goes so far. As you say once a player is making say 30/40 appearances a season then he could be considered a genuine first 11 player as opposed to a squad player. So far nobody has been in that position although Forss...
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    Bury AFC - BBC documentary

    It was an interesting and heart warming film. I was left wondering though what they would do with Bury AFC if Bury FC got up and running again at Gigg Lane which is still the aim of many in the area.
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    Josh Dasilva - Signs to June 2024

    If his development continues on the current trajectory I have no doubt he will be a premiership player next season with us or somewhere else. I just love those driving runs through the middle, you just don't see that often in a player these days.
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    B-Team Production

    I thought there was a bit of a hint in PG's transfer window interview that maybe the B team has yet to prove its full worth in supplying players for the first team which is of course its main aim. Not to say it won't but that expectations are high.
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    Phil Giles Transfer Summer 2020 Window Update

    His interview illustrates how much that is written on social media is just utter bollo
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-0 Coventry

    After the horror show in the second half against Preston a win today today was a must and the team delivered, with some ease in the end. We were worthy winners and even if it wasn’t a top top performance it was a good one against a side who could have made life difficult for us. Happy with that...
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    If EM is injured ( had a decent game I thought) VJ could well start Wednesday. TF seems to have faith in him.
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    Suggestion Jack Wilshere (Unattached midfielder)

    I read that he was fit for most of last season but just wasn’t picked.
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    Suggestion Jack Wilshere (Unattached midfielder)

    Thought he was Rangers bound
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Its a good deal all round and good luck to him. I hope that WHU can get the best out of him by giving him the freedom to express himself and show the PL the Said we know. I have my doubts that Moyes is the manager to do that but we shall see.
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