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  • Hi, I have 33 129 277 289 377 403 529 and 582 that you can have. Can I have your 23 47 54 60 61 65 109 and 124? Jamie. I live in Brentford but can post them tomorrow morning?
    Why that's mighty kind of you, thanks very much!
    Bees Utd has the same postal address as the club (Bruce Powell goes into the Club a couple of days a week to deal with admin matters).
    Bees Utd, Brentford FC, Braemar Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0NT
    Good Morning Paul.
    Sorry mate, I was wrong about the Luton programme, and I need to go to Specsavers!
    I wish to send £100 towards BU membership drive costs.What address should I use, please?
    I have asked others to do the same.
    Up the Bees,
    Geoff Buckingham
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