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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    Big fanfare online and we only find out afterwards when we get mobile coverage back
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    Yes, Manchester United at home!

    More prosaically, Heston.
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    Managerial Moves 2021/22

    I forget who the bookies had as front runners when DS left, but if Thomas fell under a bus (oh the irony) and the favourites were Mourinho, Lampard and Rooney, I would be seriously disenthused. And as for Tim Cahill becoming a senior executive, I mean why?
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    It caught me a bit by surprise given it's a game against the champions elect, but, yes, went on sale to all members this afternoon
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    Strong Rumour Mykhailo Mudryk (Midfielder, Shakhtar Donetsk)

    Got a vague mention on SSN with the boy Hickey along the lines of exploring showing an interest or some other twaddle
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    Clip they just showed on SSN was about as waffly as it's possible to get. Pundits then said that 10 clubs interested, 5 being from PL
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Apart from City the Wednesday after
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Plus members not likely to be in the mix for the league game
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    Gotta be in the top 5% of posters with a ratio like that
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    OK, I'm guessing the original court verdict would have stood if it wasn't for the misdeclaration of countries visited, but I'm no expert. I was more that UK entry requirements are looser than Australia's so he shouldn't fall foul of those
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    When all's said and done, he's just been chucked out for an admin "error". Providing he gets that right, playing at Wimbledon shouldn't be a problem, would it - footballers play unvaccinated.
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    Tickets Newcastle (H) Members who have not been to a PL match Mon 14:00

    ... seeing that is what it says in the last line of the first paragraph, good shout.
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    So the more loyal you've been, the more you get fleeced. Useful life lesson
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    Across the Seas But Forever Bees-An American Brentford Podcast

    Enjoyed it How widespread is calling people Mr Matthew, Mr Rasmus etc as it didn't seem that @Boston Bee was doing it?
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