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    Yes, Manchester United at home!

    So excited... :bounce:
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    Man Utd - SWR heads up….

    For a non-trainspotter, that article seemed mental. A new train now won't be operational until later in thd year, so they've decided to withdraw an old train??
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    Man Utd - SWR heads up….

    Cheers for the heads up. Looks like there are reduced services on Thameslink/Southern too (due to Covid absences), so less easy to get home on the Brighton line.
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    Rumour Omer Senior (Forward)

    A junior, ironically
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Been brilliant tonight. Wish that first half effort had gone in....
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Yeah - struggling with that one myself...
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    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    RIP :(
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    Final Score FA Cup R3 - Port Vale 1 Brentford 4 (Forss, Mbeumo 3 (1p))

    Yeah - thought Toney looked very sharp. As did Mbeumo, obvs. Reasons to be cheerful...
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    Yoane Wissa

    Funny old game...
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    Agree. I just thought the thread was taking on a bit of a 'what have the Romans ever done for us?' feel...
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    OK, so apart from Reid, Zanka and Lossl, when have we actually signed any player that is knowingly past his peak?
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    Rumour Mehmet Can Aydin (Mid/Def, Schalke 04)

    It's like a gazumping relay race along the Côte d'Azur...
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    Saman Ghoddos

    Did really well today, I thought... 👏
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Wissa, Roerslev) Aston Villa 1 Att: 16,876

    Platoon sprang to mind, but The Matrix works just as well...
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