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    Marcus Rashford

    Well done Rashford, I hope he continues to fight this. I don’t want this to descend into a political thread so I will try to be careful. My brother worked hard since the age of 19, paying taxes like a good citizen should. He was made redundant in 2016 from his marketing job for a bank, but was...
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    Watching Brentford v Going to a Game

    Having exiled myself to Dublin, watching the Bees on telly or dodgy stream is the norm for me, but I really miss the buzz of attending live games. I can’t even go and watch my local team St Pats due to ban on crowds in stadiums over here. Currently getting some form of live football fix by...
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    Worst You've Felt About Losing A Player

    The timing of DJ being sold was a killer. The ‘3’ being sold to the Brum at the same time was a head spinner, my blue nose supporting work colleague texted me that night asking what the f**k was going at Brentford. But Martin Grainger being sold and for peanuts (to the Brum) hit me hard, one of...
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Promotion was lost away to Stoke & then at home vs Barnsley...there was no need for us to be put through the torture of the playoffs. Said has been outstanding this season, but he was awful tonight, shame if that was his last game for us. I feel bad for our younger fans, it always hurts more I...
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Bulls**t goal. Embarrassing to concede that.
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    We’ve been good the last 20 mins, just need Said to wake up.
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Love Said but that was one back heel too many, sometimes he has to understand that keeping the ball is more important then trying a show ball
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Our midfield can’t seem to do the easy pass, Jensen is putting in more effort but we need more than that, some calmness on the ball is needed
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Not in the game really, Jensen, Desilva & Said all look lost at the moment. COYB
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    FT: Bees 3 (Watkins, Marcondes, Mbeumo) - 1 Swansea

    Watkins was magnificent, Jensen was creative and put in a shift, brilliant team performance deserving of the last game at GP. Goodbye GP, I will never forget my first time walking up to the New Road stand and seeing the pitch. COYB
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    Would promotion really be such a blessing?

    You don’t wanna go up Brentford!! Promotion every time please. I actually think we would be better equipped then the current Norwich team. Even if we got relegated after one season in the PL, I think it would be fun and we would take a few scalps along the way.
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    How will/should LR and other stadiums open/reopen to fans?

    The ‘Secret Footballer’ (Dave Kitson) tweeted a few days ago that the PL has asked each club to provide detailed plans to accommodate "between 30% to 40%" of their maximum capacity in advance of "the start of the season on Sep 12th". "No away fans" will be allowed at any game. Would have to be a...
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    Where have you watched from at GP over the years?

    I never went to the Braemar Road ☹️ Sat in Brook Road upper once and the view of the pitch is amazing, but the seats up there are a joke, my knees were up by my chin. My spiritual home has always been the New Road, from when it was terracing then Hate Corner...gonna miss it 😭
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    Stuart Dallas

    He has won Leeds players player of the year. Would of have been pleased for him but not now that he has disrespected the mighty 🐝
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    Favourite player chant

    The song for Danny Boxall was good, I loved the Robert Taylor song. There was a chant for one of our goal keepers about the bold patch on his head , I think it was Andy Woodman? Anyway, it was a strange & bizarre song.
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