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    I like the Red Raiders’ new coaching hire. I think he’ll do well with his TX high school connections
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    Odessa or somewhere else in the Permian Basin? Went to Texas and Tennessee on my honeymoon, starting at Dallas (a friend of mine lives in Denton) and driving to Austin while stopping by Waco as a friend teaches at Baylor. welcome to Bees fandom! You joined at a good time! (You should have seen...
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    Fulhamification Part III

    At GP I see to remember ‘Baby I am Ready to Go’ was a constant on Big Bee Radio. Not that bothered that we no longer hear it but, when it does come in the radio or when I am in a shop or something, it does take me back to GP!
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    Jota (Unattached)

    Although his light burned short but bright, I would like to give a shout out to Tony Folan as one of those mercurial players who could do something magic
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    Motorway service stations

    There is a soft play at Rugby services. Key fact for parents of small kids.
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    Team v Newcastle

    Looks like we’re playing 4-3-3?
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    Korantina Homes Cup 2021

    Is Sam on trial? Sign him up!
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    Korantina Homes Cup 2021

    No idea of the standard of Rodina Moscow (even after having been to see quite a lot of football in Moscow over the years) relative to English football but sounds like the 3rd goal was a charged down clearance from Rees in goal so perhaps not as representative of the balance of play?
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Possibly, but that's also a somewhat overly teleological approach. Some players are 'developed' at 18, some never develop far enough. We know that Halil has some great traits in his locker (if we're allowed to note them despite the small sample size argument that is normally used against the...
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Agreed. The question becomes whether either can develop enough to make it in the first team. We'll have to wait and see.
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Sure, then compare him to Aaron Pressley. I also trust the coaching staff that he's not ready to be a first-team player and also needs time on loan.
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Sure, but the argument here is never about potential but about whether they should be starting games for us now. Seems to be two very different standards
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Do you expect Joel Valencia to make a similar splash? point being, yea, we have a small sample size but: a) it is human nature to extrapolate or else no player would be discussed until they had played 40 games for Brentford in our strongest line-up b) there are other contextual clues including...
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    January 2022 Window

    Totally different players and roles
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