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    Unlikely Kasper Dolberg (Nice Fwd)

    A pity this has gone all unlikely 🤞
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    Unlikely Kasper Dolberg (Nice Fwd)

    No T's in Danny McGrain @WARFIELD BEE
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    You've ruined my fun 🤣🤣
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    Strong Rumour Aaron Hickey (Bologna FB)

    Taveres was absolute pony every time I watched him 🤣🤣
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    Unlikely Kasper Dolberg (Nice Fwd)

    No idea, but with 2 years left I would assume he is at peak value. Hopefully I'm wrong 🤷
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    Unlikely Nathan Collins (Burnley CB)

    Clearly he did better our team 👍
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    Unlikely Kasper Dolberg (Nice Fwd)

    I like him but surely too pricey 🤷
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    Unlikely Nathan Collins (Burnley CB)

    I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure @NorthamptonBee has spoken highly of this fella 👍 I was pretty pissed the day we played Burnley so don't have anything to add. I'm sure he would better the team ✅
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    Famous Bees Supporters

    He told me he is a season ticket holder 👍
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    Unlikely Mykhaylo Mudryk (Shakhtar Winger)

    I'd still really like him to join us 👍
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    General Summer 2022 Transfer Window (Brentford only)

    Would Lookman be completely out of our range now? Maybe he wasn't very good for Leicester 🤷 He has always appeared to have real ability but maybe lacks consistency.
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    Justin Cochrane (Head of Coaching)

    The railwaymen podcast has an interview with him ✅
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    "Find out why you are in the Top x%" email from club

    I've definitely been sent @Fleet John email in error 😢 313,704 pints consumed 🍻 I don't disagree with the number but I can't find how many samosa's I've eaten.
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    NLB's New Book: The Authorised Version of our First Season in the PL

    Well done 👏 I'm looking forward to reading it 👍
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