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  • the green man pub is good for parking ten minutes walk from stadium, £25 but all parking is expensive and you don't have to get a train, you can book it online,
    Thanks for that , if I change my mind I will let you know, perhaps I will cheer up tomorrow night,

    Hi Graham,

    No probs about the game on Monday. I felt completely numb after last Saturday and likewise tried to explain to my wife - but she just shook her head! Picked myself up to watch Mondays game and kind of looking forward to it but with much more tempered expectations.

    If you change your mind, tickets are still on sale on Monday at the ticket office until 2.30pm and I dont think it will be a sell out anyway. I think my lad has become more hooked than ever now though. He is insisting we are watching the Shef Utd, Yeovil game.

    Look forward to travelling up next season.

    Best regards,

    I have only just read your message about monday's game I have been in total depression since last saturday and have not gone on the grapevine. Saturday was hard to take and it has completely disillusioned me, within ten minutes of getting home from the game I dragged my missus round to The Fox and tried to explain how I felt, complete waste of time she was more concerned with what we were doing on the sunday. I haven't got a ticket for mondays game and will probably ,like tomorrow , watch it on the telly. No doubt by August I will start getting over it and being the idiot I am I will get a season ticket. It would be good to travel up with someone next year and I am always happy to drive, my name is Graham and I live at number 9
    Yes, you will do - we live at number 38 but don't put the red and white bunting out on match days.

    Sounds a good idea to travel together - likewise I don't mind driving as well and I generally go with 1 son as well, the other occasionally when he is back from Uni. I'll certainly give you a shout about the Doncaster game. Just seems strange that we have probably been leaving within 5 minutes of each other on Saturdays and not realising it!

    Personally I drink in the Princess Royal or The Griffin but happy to try out a new hostelry. I dont know the guys you mentioned but maybe would recognise their faces.
    I must go past your' house everyday, i haven't seen any bees flags hanging out the window. I go to every home game meeting a couple of fellow bees fans in the globe before the game (love and mercy and malbee 62 ), if you ever want a lift up there just let me know, i am always glad of the company.
    No way, I live in Hunters Close! We have been here for 3 years now. I have been actively supporting Brentford for 16 years and take my sons with me whenever possible but usually go once or twice a month. We also sit in the New Road and before children came along used to be a season ticket holder as well.

    Yes, very nervous times at the moment, but it beats a relegation struggle! Our next trip is Doncaster Rovers on the 27th.
    Yes I Have lived in Dellfield in Oakley for twenty years, i have been supporting the bees for over forty years and am a season ticket holder in the new road. I am by nature a half glass empty person and at the moment am very stressed about the next few games.
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