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  • Many thanks. Had spotted that. Have been there for award evenings but never in daylight so don't know what it's like for watching matches. Might still go. Have loved reading your stuff about the B team. Thanks for that. You painted a great picture of the lads and their generosity. Also love Pafos. Not been there for twenty years or so. Sister was at Episkopi garrison for a few years (husband in army, so was she for a while), so we used to spend a lot of time on Epi beach, but always visited Pafos when we were there. Used to eat in the restaurants alongside the water in Keto Pafos (spelling?). Believe that Pafos has mushroomed a bit since then? Anyway, thanks for heads up.

    Take care,

    We are back in the Uk now, arrived at East Midlands in was 1 degree Celsius a bit of a culture shock. The Bees threw away another couple of points at Scunny, hope the new striker can bag a few.


    Susan and Paul
    Hi T&T, I first went out with my missus in 1979, we split up in 1980'. 17 years past and we met up in 1997, she was married but not very happy, we got married in 2000.

    we have 6 grandchildren all boys and the oldest is only 7', 4 in Reading and 2 in Northampton, We are back to the UK on Sunday,
    Yes we have Been to Cyprus, actually went to Paphos in 2007, Ok apart from being hounded by F'ing time share merchants on there scooters.

    What about the Bees, seen to have a good squad this year, but it is the Bees innit as they say.


    Paul and Susan

    Sorry about and typos sending this from my IPad, 38yrs working on Computers and still useless!!!!!.
    Hi you two beat you to it by quite a few years. Went out the door in 1995 and moved to christchurch,dorset.
    moved to Pafos in 2002 and have not been back to the uk since 2004.
    My kids still live with their mum in Brentford and are aged 26 & 24.
    Trudy & I met in poole at my quiz nite which I was running in 2000 & we married in August 2001 before moving to Pafos in January 2002.
    Still in touch with John England and a couple of others including Neil Morgan.
    Have you ever been to Cyprus?
    Keep in touch
    T & T
    We are both well, have been living in rural Lincolnshire since 2009, took early retirement in 2008, after 38 years loyal service!!. Don't get to see the mighty bees much these days only when they are up our way or we are down at weekends to see the grandsons in Reading. Have seen Colin Downey on occasions.


    Susan and Paul
    Hi Jersey how are you, we have been living in sunny Cyprus for the past ten years & have not been back to the uk since 2004.
    Heard you were living with the carrot crunchers in lincolnshire.
    Really stunned when my daughter told me about Rossi & like you can't get my head around the fact that he is no longer with us.
    Hope u r both well
    Trudy & Terry
    Hi Terry this is Paul Jacobs, how are you, the misses and I are in Lanzarote soaking up the sun, good result today.
    What terrible news about Tony Ross, still cannot believe it.
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