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    Norwich (H) Predictions

    no why is this a season of consolidation . we kept most of squad and are going for it again
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    Barry Bannan

    Not happening I think
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    Barry Bannan

    2m they might be tempted
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    Gone Elsewhere Harry Wilson

    he is good though .
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    Barry Bannan

    i reckon if we are willing to pay 2-3 million for him we will get him .
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    football insider is quite a reliable source .
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    Gone Elsewhere Harry Wilson

    prem teams cant deal with each other as that window is shut . He can only go out on loan to efl clubs
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    William Saliba (Arsenal)

    prem clubs can't do any deals with any other prem clubs loan or perm
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    SIGNED Vitaly Janelt signs four year contract.

    Yes are record with german players is absolutely shocking . We did ok with a German manager though
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    I guess he has been tested . Maybe in france and he was probably tested again in the uk when he got here and will get tested again with everybody when they do do there normale run of testing . I don't think Bale has had to quarantined at spurs ether.
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    Overall Progress of Summer 2020 Window (Split Thread)

    We need a few more . Another wide player should be Ghoddos,a cover defence mid and another right back . Ghoddos wound also give cover as a forward
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    Me to . It seems to be dragging on a bit .
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    Southampton v Bees Predictions

    southampton will put a strong side i reckon. 2 0 lose .
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    SIGNED Saman Ghoddos from Amiens SC

    I reckon will we sign him anyway regardless of benrahma going or not .
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    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    I have been a season ticket holder pretty much every year since 1990 . I have lived in Bristol since 2008 and even when I did not have a season ticket I still regularly attended games.Away games to. With the move to the new stadium my dad And myself decided to go for premier seats( the railway...
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