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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    I watched it on a dodgy ifollow stream. It was hilarious. Bentley had a blinder. That being said I reckon QPR are a million miles away from being good enough to go up. They have a couple of very good players in Chair & Willock. Otherwise it's typical Warburton fare, look great going forward but...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    We usually do everything so well but on this occasion I think we might be skirting with disaster and left ourselves incredibly light. We probably have about 15 currently fit players who can definitely do a good job at this level. Thereafter there are big question marks over the quality /...
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    Final Score Aston Villa 1 Brentford 1 (Toney)

    First 70 minutes I think was the best I've ever seen us play. Outstanding. Lost at our way a little once Samman went off, bit still a brilliant performance and another good point.
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    OMNISHAMBLES Significant Number of Palace (A) Tickets NOT POSTED

    For a lovely day out in Croydon 🤪😂
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    OMNISHAMBLES Significant Number of Palace (A) Tickets NOT POSTED

    Only me I suppose who somehow managed to order 2x Coach Tickets (I didn't and have never ever wanted coach tickets) and 0x Match Tickets. #F.ckwitalert. In my defence, I'd question a system that a.) Allows you to order a coach ticket without a match ticket and b.) Doesn't make it super clear...
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Nottm Forest AM)

    Having just watched his highlight reel. He wins a lot of penalties that Ivan can tuck away! He also looks like a very similar player to Ollie Watkins. I hope this one is true.
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    Shandon Baptiste

    Please god let this lad stay fit this season. He is looking incredible!
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    The official sack Jon Varney thread.

    The irony is, I know a Brentford supporter who runs a small software house that has developed bespoke ticketing systems used for ticket and hospitality sales for The Olympic Games, Cricket World Cup, T20 and Team GB 🎣
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    Unlikely Jens Cajuste (FCM MF)

    Fenerbahçe are known as The Yellow Canaries. Bright Osayi Samuel plays for them ...
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    SIGNED Daniel Oyegoke (Arsenal RB -B Team)

    He's good at putting his right foot in!
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    Guildford City

    As a long time Guildford resident I always look out for how Guildford City are doing. I have the Guildford vs Bees programme on my wall in the office :). Good luck and fingers crossed it all goes well, abee. I'll be along to a game at The Spectrum (a 10 minute walk for me, through Stoke Park) in...
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    2021/22 Premier League Fixtures

    Ugh. I might have to sneak off with the car before the Wife & Kids notice I am gone. Schoolboy Error on my part, slap bang in the middle of the holiday.
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    2021/22 Premier League Fixtures

    Bullshit. Was hoping for someone boring away, first game. Anyone know the best way to get back from St Ives for the day?
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