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    Marcus Rashford

    I assume you mean increasing? The cost of the proposal is 0.17% of the cost of the failing Test and Trace system. This proposed scheme costs peanuts and will do so much good.
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    Post Match Thread Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Brentford

    Ghoddos looks a fantastic buy
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    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    If that’s the case then this is truly an experimental set up
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    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    The official site shows different subs from Twitter so not unreasonably I assume official site is correct.
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    Team v Sheff Wed

    It feels as if outside of an injury TF never uses subs at half time
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    Team v Sheff Wed

    I think Fosu will start. The rotation has to start soon
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    Vitaly Janelt - Signs to June 2024

    Window is shut , we have what we have and it will be good enough to keep us in the Championship anything else is a bonus
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-0 Coventry

    And the Norwich match will see his pastiche of the 1274 riots which led to the City’s excommunication
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    Final Score Bees 2 (Toney (2)) - 0 Coventry

    Maybe the wrong thread but I unexpectadly missed todays game on i follow. I still havr the code the club sent me , is there any way I could watch the game on replay tonight? Thanks
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Am I missing something here? Said wanted to play in the PL , he did not want to stay with us. We had to let him go. Any permanent transfer would have yielded us a small percentage of the overall fee immediately ie. just like the 5 million we are receiving now. If Said is a success at WHU they...
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    Saman Ghoddos - (Loan to June 2021 + 2yr Permanent Option)

    I think we heard the same when Maupay went
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Not sure what all the angst is about. 5 million now is all we would have got regardless of the deal and who knows we might have the little wizard back next year.
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Sigh! So ignorant
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Which kind of obviates having a forum. Of course we all know how good our DOFs are but that does not mean that we do not feel emotional about certain subjects. Following your suggestion we laeve We did not deserve to be favourites from the start. Give me 54 points and I will be happy. Anything...
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    GONE Said Benrahma

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