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    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    season ticket holders should be refunded by means of a credit towards the 2020/21 season season ticket, for every match that is not available for attendance by the club.
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    New Season and Access to Matches

    this might be the wrong thread but does anyone know if you are able to walk around the perimeter of the new stadium as yet
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    SIGNED Charlie Goode from Northampton Town

    Right sided central defender who likes to go forward could well cover for Dalsgaard when needed, sounds a useful sighning
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    New Stadium Construction Complete!

    I don’t think ground tours are top of the list for the club at this moment of time. once again supporters are a low priority in their thinking
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    New Stadium Construction Complete!

    Does this mean you can now walk round the new ground without the barriers or does the building of the flats still prevent this.
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    Final Match at Griffin Park - Your Thoughts

    Farewell Griffin Park, Thanks for the Memories, the Ups and the Downs all part of my 72 years of going to G.P. since my first game in 1948 v Leicester in the F.A.Cup aged 10, being passed down to the front so I could see the match not missed many since, wonderful memories of fans many no longer...
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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    72 years at Griffin Park many happy memories from being passed down to the front in Braemar Road as a young boy to hitch hiking there and back to watch the evening match against Brighton from Nr Basingstoke during my national service in 1958. Unforgettable memories of pain and ecstasy, Thank you...
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    Music Brentford have run out to?

    Sorry These Boots were Made for walking was by Nancy Sinatra.
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    Music Brentford have run out to?

    The first POP tune played pre-match was THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING by NATALIE COLE I was match announcer at the time very early sixties and we had always played more traditional music I.e. Military Bands etc and we waited with bated breathes to see if anyone complained but they didn’t so...
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    Leicester(H)12:45 (SOLD OUT)

    First Match Yes I can remember being taken by my Dad I was 10 years old and it was my first Bees game
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    Bees v Cardiff predictions.....

    Sky On Sky Red Button
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    Man of the Match v Reading (H) 23/11/2019

    Ethan Pinnock..Never put a foot wrong excellent performance
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    WANTED - The model of Griffin Park

    I have the print displayed on the wall in the spare room it’s number 5 of a limited edition.
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    Multi-Coloured Seats at New Stadium

    It was meant more as a protest just think of the publicly it could get, not meant to be an answer but a supporters protest against the multi-colour sears
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    Multi-Coloured Seats at New Stadium

    All bring red seat and back covers for the first match as a protest. Take them away with you and bring them for every match.
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