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    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    We had an Alan Cocks from Chelsea in the 70's . Striker destined for great things scored once IIRC. Chelsea saw us coming. Another chapter in our past inglorious history.
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    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    Never played for Hayes but became a bit of a non-league journeyman ending up at Slough Town. Was an apprentice with us and was drafted in during 1979 season . Played four games and conceded seven goals before being ditched and we signed in an emergency Tony Burns from Palace. Remember seeing...
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    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    Graham Cox was our keeper in the late 70's/80's . He was crap.
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    Kew Cricket Club - Opening Times

    I was actually referring to being able to park over the river on Kew Green which has event restrictions now.
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Has Paul McCartney started demanding royalties ?
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Brum are distinctly average whereas WRDC are just sh*te.
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Why is Lee Bowyer wearing his school jumper ?
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Anyone else with nothing to do watching Brum v WRDC ? OMG is the Championship that sh*t ?
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    Poland v England

    Another typical rough run in for England
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    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    As long as there's a decent Malbec or Pinot Noir then I'm in.
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    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    Opportunity to visit another area of the ground (North Stand probably ) so may wait till ST hold ends. Also too tight to pay £15 for my dug out seat and happy to pay £5 for elsewhere.
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    England v India Test Match Series (5th Test could be in 2022 ?)

    Never heard an atmosphere and noise like that before. Even Hey Jude was sung loud and clear, must have been watching the Bees games.
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    "World Cup every two years" anyone?

    It's bad enough the once every four years glory hunting football fan claimants jumping on the band wagon without them coming out of the woodwork every two years . :fishing::sueme:
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    Mathias Jensen

    Not quite the full 90 mins as he was subbed off late in the game.
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    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    Don't sneeze as you go through the scanners.
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