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  • Hey mate, I've already planned this one. I'm staying with my sister in law in Penkridge, near Stafford. Dropping me misses off then, 31mins on the train to Brimingham New Street. If you get there early let me know and grab a bevvy. Most of our lot are on the 'official unnofficial' coach.

    I'm away a bit so Brum my next game, then maybe FAC 1 and MK.
    Hello mate, hope you ok.

    Dunno if you were going to Brum or not but they are doing a possible coach pick up along the m1 area....me and Loreen are def going and maybe my bruv in Hemel....for £20 coach and match it's a bargain. If you fancy it, Newport Pagnall Bee is after a note with a bit of info.......Got to miss Coldham, next for us is Peterboro.....take it easy...Bill
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