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  • hi mate how are you?

    im doing another bus this year from isleworth to wemebly... dont use this site any more so please email
    Dear 'Pat Jennings'
    On a more serious note, if you do have a ticket or tickets spare I would be interested. Sunday's my day for getting in the queue and taking my chances but my daughter wants me to pick her up from a party sleeepover (she's only 35 bless her). I couldn't say 'no' could I?
    Hi vcmazz you dont know me but I have known your wife for years,and only recently found out who you were,and Iwas supprised to find out who your father was,I knew your father in the 1950s I knew him then as liam lynch ,we used to knock about together, and meet up at night at the roebuck pub and your dad would offten get up and sing with the local pub band,It brought back a lot of memories for me.
    all the best Eric
    Hi vcmazz. It's readingbee here, you don't know me however just wanted to PM you after the passing of your Dad. I lost mine many years ago you will get over your loss. However what I wanted to say was, I was going through youtube looking for Paul Hayes goals ( hopefully we will sign him tomorrow!! ) got redirected to many clips of your Dad signing. Watched them all, really, really good and you must be very proud and something to remind you of him in a really positive way mate. All the best ( Mike) readingbee.
    I`ve taken the evening standard five aside final v Millwall off of you-tube and put it on the masters football thread.I thought I would let you know as you appear to be the man as far as old Brentford match coverage is concerned.This is just in case you haveny seen it.If ypu have please disregard this old duffer........
    Good Morning vcmazz!
    Thank you for your kind words re 'The Brentford Story'.
    If you really would like a replacement copy, just pm me and let me have a forwarding address and I will post you one of my remaining few copies, or I can hand it to you in person before next Saturday's Basingstoke match if you prefer.
    Up the Bees!
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