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    Final Score Bees 3 (Pinnock, Janelt, Wissa) Liverpool 3 Att: 16,876

    Just thought I'd pop in to say for all you anagram fans that was " UCKINGF ARVELOUSM"
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    Championship Round 36 (Fri 12/3 - Sun 14/3)

    He even did a Swan dive in his own penalty box defending a corner when there was nobody near him.
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    Wayne Rooneys Derby County v Bees predictions....

    A sting in the tail for donkey Derby. 0-5
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    Six Nations 2021

    Very good second half v France.
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    Championship Round 36 (Fri 12/3 - Sun 14/3)

    I’m with Toney. We’re going up as Champions.
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    Origins of 'Just a bus Stop in Hounslow'?

    Way before the Romans we were invaded by a now extinct African tribe. Bill Ben saw them and asked “Who are you lot?” They replied “We’re the Fukarwee” So he told them.
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    Championship Round 36 (Fri 12/3 - Sun 14/3)

    Wait for the final whistle BBC " Watford were forced to settle for a 1-1 draw at the Cardiff City Stadium as Mick McCarthy's Bluebirds' unbeaten run continued. "
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

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    Championship Round 36 (Fri 12/3 - Sun 14/3)

    I'd give Luton 90 minutes injury time and they still wouldn't score.
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    Lloyd Owusu

    I was supposed to be watching the important Luton v Swansea game but couldn't even pause this. Well done lads. Of course you couldn't go wrong with the main man.:owusu:
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Bristol City have kindly put together a list of club forums we can peruse while putting our feet up today. SEASON 2020/21 : CHAMPIONSHIP CLUBS FORUMS
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    Blackburn 0 - 1 Bees (Toney (p))

    Looking closely at the Raya v Dack not a penalty incident , Dack didn't attempt to go for the ball but instead threw himself in front of Raya.
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    Blackburn 0 - 1 Bees (Toney (p))

    Elliot will come on. Need to score again and contain him.
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    Blackburn v Bees predictions....

    He could be doing a “Frank”. Let’s wait till the team sheet comes out.
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