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  • Hello Simon, it's Rob. We're going to the milecastle pub in toon. Give me a bell if you fancy meeting up for a beer 07804 604769.
    Hi Voice.

    Are you doing a tour of Old Town pubs on Tuesday? For some reason the word out is that I'm doing one but no can do. Would be nice to have someone with knowledge leading the rabble hahaha!
    Thanks Simon,

    Only just picked up but we were talking about doing it anyway so will look into

    Sean A
    07507 836280
    Just managed to get on the 5 live phone in. I plugged the Bees and our trip to Wembley on April 3rd.
    My point was how premiership centred football is and that lower league club supporters are more interested in England than those of the top clubs. Alan Green acknowledged that the committed supporters are mostly from the lower leagues.
    C'mon Bees fans, phone up and get on the air!
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