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  • Hi Joe , are you going to Fulham ? If not could I use your friends and family for my son ? Cheers in Advance

    Ps . I’m presuming you have enough Taps ?
    Hi Pal

    Are you to going to Barnet ? If not would it be possible to add you to my F&F so I can get an extra ticket ? I need 4 tickets and only have 3 season tickets , My lad is a member but can’t often go as he works nights . Let me know if you can , no worries if you can’t . Cheers Andy
    Hello Joe, what a week this has been. Great news on Thursday followed by the news today regarding Uwe, and now out of the cup.

    It can only happen to Brentford. Anyway will be at the Oldham game next Saturday, see you then.

    Regards Kev
    Hello I hope I have the right person. Are you Joe that sits in new road behind the dugouts. If so its Kevin the chap who lives in Eastbourne.

    Let me know if its you, if not I am sorry to bother you.
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