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  • Read that article by Viner and found the thread only today 21 months later. I read the Indie regularly, for some reason, mainly because of Robert Fisk, who I then admired and Chris Mcgrath. I was gutted as a season ticket holder who couldn't bear to go, but I knew that Viner was laying it on to draw his dosh and needed a reason to explain why a smooth arsed scally ponce couldn't pull a pleasant Canadian lady, who, if you read between his own lines, preferred the antics of the defeated Brentford youths, to his inordinate patronage. As someone who is regularly delayed and detoured on mainline trains to and from Liverpool, where I live, I was particularly disgusted by his febrile and cowardly fabrications.
    This may seem weird being reminded of this, but that scumbag's article remains fresh in my mind and I look forward to the day when it blows up in his face. Thankyou.
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