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    Overseas Bees: Where will you be watching the Play-Offs?

    Dubai. At home.
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    England Team for the Euros

    What would be your England team for the Euros? Mine is below, assuming they are all fit Sterling Kane Sancho Grealish Foden Henderson Shaw Maguire...
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    European Super League

    If this goes ahead it will be interesting to see how it pans out for the players. New contracts? Cha ching
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    Albania v England

    Funny how 2 people who probably watch a fair bit of football have a difference of opinion. I was aware that Maddison was injured - sorry didn't make that clear. Will be interesting to see who Southgate picks if they are all fit.
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    Albania v England

    They did a job. Foden looks like he will be some player. I'm not sure why Mount is held in such high regard by Southgate, I know he scored! I'd much rather see Maddison or Grealish in there.
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    Ollie Watkins

    I felt like a really proud father. Weird. Well chuffed for him.
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    Ollie Watkins

    Fantastic achievement.
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    Nicky Forster

    Very good indeed. He's not bad at impressions either.
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    Champagne Moment Stoke at home

    Regarding Janelts goal, I probably should have explained that I was holding my 3 month old daughter who had just gone to sleep. I managed to go mental without waking her up.
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    Champagne Moment Stoke at home

    Vitaly Janelts goal.
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 2 Barnsley

    1) Fair play to Barnsley 2) Ive never seen Rico have so little time on the ball 3) Toney was bullied 4) Lets turn Rangers over
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    I was speaking to one too. He reminded me of our cup final. I was confused and told him we only made it to the semi final.
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    Team v Barnsley

    Didn't they all have a rest when the games were postponed due to covid?
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    Champagne Moment Middlesborough

    Jensens maradonna turn. Cherry on the top of the cake
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    Warnock on referees

    There was a bit yesterday when the camera was on him and he was raging at the 4th official. We are doing the right things if he's pissed off the way things are going. A back handed compliment.
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