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  • HIi MIke,.
    Sorry that I have not replied earlier, I read your notification, but I had a job to get it back., I will not be at GP for the Boro game as it is live on Sky. The next time I drive will be on Tuesday night for the Sheff utd game. I am a half hour drive from Chippenham, and would be happy to pick it up for you.
    Hi Pete
    Mike here who sits behind you at GP. Do you live anywhere near Chippenham? If you do, I have a bit of a cheeky request. I won an auction for an antique wooden advertising sign from a local auctioneer and wondered, if it was nearby and you were driving to the next game, whether you could pick it up by any chance. No problem if you can’t, I will get it couriered.

    Watched the game today on TV and boy do I hate us playing out from the back and invariably getting into trouble. Mind you, when Bentley kicks it long it goes to the opposition.

    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you and see you at the next home game.


    Hi Mate,

    I now have 2 spare tickets for block 125 row 7 (£34 seats), do you know anyone who would go if they could get a couple of cheap tickets - dont want them to go to waste!


    Ididn't see todays game so i appreciated your match summary. I enjoy your posts
    and often think, wish i had of said that. Cheers and all the best on your travels along the M4
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