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    Fleet John Premier League Match Report Thread 2021/22

    That was a good read. Looking forward to the Burnley awayday and report LOL
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    Nothing wrong with that mate, just imagine if it was about crepes and latte, then that would be a worry LOL
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    Club / Bar for Burnley Away

    The Brierfield Liberal Club wanted it put out that they are an away fan friendly Club, only 10 minutes drive from Turf Moor. You can park for free and they'll organise a taxi to the ground. A family friendly Club, pool, snooker, Sky Sports, hot and cold snacks, cheap prices on beer and spirits...
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    Now being sold in The North Stand. 'AyesBee will love it, AKA Curryman. That'll clear our block early on a matchday LOL
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    Tickets Leeds (A) - Awaiting Announcement

    Robbing ****s
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    Tickets Leeds (A) - Awaiting Announcement

    I will go to Leeds now its £30.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    They got a smaller gate than our EFL midweek games v FGR and Oldham.
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    Griffin Park Update

    I went passed GP on the 65 bus on Saturday. It was a sad sight to see in to the old ground. But hey, we've got a better one now!!
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    Lionel Road North Car Break In Again

    Anyone parking near Lionel Road North this Sunday will probably have their car broken in to. If the OB read this, then act on it, it's not rocket science.
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    Lionel Road North Car Break In Again

    The Police were busy following young Brentford fans around the streets who were walking from a pub to the ground before the game. All these lads have been going to games for years, they all work and they are just mates enjoying the moment. Clueless Policing.
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    Tickets Everton(H) Sun 28 Nov SOLD OUT Online Some still at Box Office

    A Scoucer wont spent £40 on a Membership.
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    New "Bees Superstore"

    That's a racking photo!
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    Favourite Watering Hole when move to Lionel Road Happens ?

    At least you got sorted out elsewhere though.
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    Favourite Watering Hole when move to Lionel Road Happens ?

    We always use Albany Spice and always get our numbers wrong and have late arrivals etc. They've always let us add extra people to our table. Bring your own booze is good as you can pop in to the offy next door. Excellent food review by The Brentford Curry Element.
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