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    Final Score Stoke 1 - 2 Bees (Canos, Toney) LC R4

    All prem teams plus Sunderland & us. Last time I looked we were a Prem team too.
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    Where to watch extended highlights of matches?

    DSTV Show 20 minute highlights throughout the week in Sub Sahara Africa. Being a lightweight I've only watched us stuff Arsenal 5 times in addition to be able to watch the game live with my line manager who's a Gooners fan. A perfect Friday night........
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    Bees Overseas: Where is everyone watching Friday?

    Capital Craft in Menlo Park. Great beer & perplexed locals trying to figure out who Brentford are...Majority of them follow Liverpool
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    Rewatching the Play-off Final

    The final is on DSTV for the 10th time; its worth the monthly fee, and I hope they keep repeating it for weeks to come
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    Bees 2 (Toney (p), Emiliano) Swansea 0

    Have to admit to a few tears. My dear old dad passed away on the 18th March. When we were 2nd in the league he said we'd go up from there. So sad he couldn't hang on to see this. But my tears are of joy.
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    This one’s for you…

    My dear old dad who passed away on the 18th March (programme seller in 1947-8), both grandfathers and uncle Jim H who made sure I was always in attendance for home games from the age of 6
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    So Where Is Everyone Going To Celebrate?

    Fillet steak & a good bottle of wine at Hinterland steak restaurant in Menlo Park Pretoria
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