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    Brentford B vs Palace U23

    B team playing Palace's U23 team tomorrow KO 1:30pm and Palace are streaming it for £3 - have to register by 10 am tomorrow apparently!
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    Fan Engagement Index BFC in Top 20

    I saw this article today and hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere on the GPG - if it was and I missed it then please delete the thread. It was interesting to see us come 18th and I know some on here have strong views on how the club has communicated with us on several matters, from ticketing to the...
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    Millwall Cristal Moments

    Walking back to the car afterwards "Daddy you hugged me so hard when Ollie scored I thought you were going to kill me" :D A proper GP memory for my little one to take with her to the new stadium and a flashback moment for me and celebrating many other dramtic goals with my Dad.
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    Wycombe Wanderers (A) (Friendly)

    Anyone going to this? :D Looking forward to my first friendly of the summer and a chance to see some of the new signings in action..
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    Bolton (A) Reports and Reactions

    Just got back :fishing: Also missed the goal :fishing: Great to finish off a disappointing season of away form with hard fought 1-0 win :beer:
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    Bees v Ipswich Match Reports

    Not suprised a match report thread for today's game hasn't been created but at the end of the day games like that are what win you titles and promotion. A fairly non-descript event where our will to win it was stronger than theirs. If the miracle doesn't happen this season then I'd take a few...
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    Cardiff City (H) Reports & Reactions

    It's the hope that kills you :( :D I thought we started the game really brightly and should have been 2 or 3 up in the first 15/20 mins. Cardiff couldnt live with our slick passing and quick movement but as per we didn't take our chances when it counted. Thankfully Maupay made up for THAT miss...
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    Stephen Jardine RIP

    My father sadly passed away this morning following a short battle with illness. Although he grew up as a Blade in Sheffield he thankfully saw that light just over 30 years ago following some comp tickets I received while on a Junior BEEs football course at Gurnell. Once we got the bug there was...
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    Champagne moment v Derby

    Meeting Vibe and Balcombe pre-match in the club shop - Vibe is a real credit to the club so happy to have a chat to my 8 year old daughter and to me, she was thrilled with the photo and his autograph :D Said he'd be back to full training this week and playing again after the international break...
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    Champagne moment V Bristol City

    (hope I am not stepping on anyones toes by starting this thread but as there wasn't one for the Forest game and I wanted to post this gem....) Nothing to do with the game really but it had to be Natalie Sawyers telling my 8 year old how much she liked her shoes :D she was absolutley thriled...
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    48 Games

    So it seems likely that we will only play 48 competitive games this season (all league games and one round in each cup). If so the this will be our shortest season in terms of games for ages right? In the lower leagues it was minimum 49 with the extra game in the paint pot trophy. Funny the...
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    Next Brentford FC Sporting Director?

    As this appointment may prove to be just as important as the appointment of a head coach maybe it needs its own thread? Are we thinking about a foreign appointment here or a British one? A British appointment would hopefully bring with him an understanding of the game here and what type of...
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    Differences in the Championship - on the pitch...

    Bit bored waiting for a training session to start so thought I would start a thread about the main differences on the pitch I am noticing so far this season about the Championship I will start with two of the main ones I have noticed: Fitness Levels: I am sure I am not alone in thinking that...
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    The Atmosphere at GP This Season

    This season the atmosphere at games has been non-existent and to be honest it is the worst that I can remember. It may have been just as bad in the last few seasons and not being able to get to many games maybe I didn't really notice it but this season I have managed every game and it's been...
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    Mental Strength?

    I have noticed that in the League if the opposition scores first then we have so far been unable to come back into the game and have lost each time. I haven’t been to many games this season so was wondering if there was a noticeable loss of confidence after we go to a goal down in games? Do we...
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    Face Painting for Wembley

    So due to my Dad's amazing skills of booking a holiday to Rome for the same weekend as the JPT final :eek: I am taking my 6 year old daughter instead :sorted: Anyway she is keen to have her face painted for the event but I am wondering whats the best look - red and white stripes or half red and...
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    No Bees in PFA League 2 Team Of The Year

    ... has no bees in it rofl League Two team: Scott Shearer (Wycombe), Neil Austin (Darlington), Simon King (Gillingham), David McCracken (Wycombe), Tom Kennedy (Rochdale), Omar Daley (Bradford), Dany N'Guessan (Lincoln), Ben Davies (Shrewsbury), Tommy Doherty (Wycombe), Andy Bishop (Bury), Grant...
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    Grimsby or bust for Butcher

    According to the sun TB has one game to save his job....
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    How many more signings...

    can we realistically expect? I am expecting that the majority of signings will be loans from now on, with maybe a maximum of 2 (cheapish) players joining permanently. Is this being pessimistic or is it in fact a true analysis of the situation we are in as a club, any thoughts?
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    I don't know if this has been discussed before - if it has apologies... I know some people have their doubts (me included) about the future of the club run by BU but it could be worse imagine these bunch of jokers running it click here! Scary thing is we are fourth in the table so some bees...
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