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    Team V Swansea Play off final

    Although a few may feel slightly unlucky for missing out of the first 11, Forss for his winner, Fosu for his good recent form, Henry if fit, I’d go with the team below. However, a massive case could now be made to have HD as a CB and for Henry/Roerslev to start to give us more width. I think...
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    Team v Bournemouth 2nd Leg

    I saw in the matchday thread for calls to throw us back to 433, and put Janelt and Norgaard in the middle together (it clearly, incredibly clearly doesn't work... especially 1-0 down)....Some minor tweaking would be better IMO. If we went 2-0 down, I think 433 would very quickly come into effect...
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    Team V Watford

    Not exactly a highly consequential game but it’ll be interested to see who comes back in. Raya Roerslev Jansson Pinnock Sorenson Canos Fosu Norgaard Ghoddos Toney Bryan Can’t see Janelt starting after coming off v Rotherham so Norgaard comes back into the middle. Would like to see Canos...
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    Team v PNE

    We all saw what happened v Birmingham, to be honest I think the less said about it the better, let's move on quickly and avoid the argument. We surely cannot keep persisting with the Janelt and Norgaard combination. It's a combo that will be useful for defending a lead with 20 mins to go, but...
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    Gone Elsewhere Bright Osayi-Samuel

    Wouldn't this be sweet? From what I understand from the general thread, he's not got long left on his contract and QPR may be open to offers. I think if we have him in a front 3 with Toney and Bryan, we would be more of a direct threat. Any chance?
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    Team v Barnsley

    Interested to see who people pick for potentially our last ever game at GP. I would generally say go for our strongest 11 but i'm not sure it's that obvious. My starting 11 would be: Raya, Dalsgaard, Jansson, Pinnock, Henry, Marcondes, Norgaard, DaSilva, Fosu, Watkins, Benrahma I'm...
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    Football League TV rights Australia 17/18

    I may be going mad here, but I can't see where we would get coverage of the football league this year down under? I know obviously we had Beinsport last year which was pretty good, but have they stopped doing this? Is this potentially because of Ifollow? Apologies if I've missed something but...
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    New Bee Oversea (Australia)

    I will be moving to Cronulla, NSW Australia in 5 weeks time (terrible timing i'm aware) and I just wanted to know what TV package I would have to buy to pick up and possible bees games on TV. I go to most games at the moment so this move is killing me in that sense but i'd like to do damage...
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    Scunthorpe goalkeeper

    I was at the game today but i didn't quite see what all the fuss was about with there goalkeeper, joe murphy, can someone who was at the match actually tell me what all that was about please?
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    Goodbye Tabb, Willock, Fitz, Eddie, NEWMAN, Rankin....

    All these threads for seperate players but lets be honest, all of these players are going in the summer, and its a sad goodbye for Tbb, but i think that to say goodbye to the rest of them, is a possitive move. I think sodje and Turner will now stay having shown that they are still not quite good...
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