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  1. Hullbee

    Chris Froome

    Well well well even the mighty Froome failing drug tests and seemingly using the Wiggins puffer defence
  2. Hullbee

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    It begins eagerly awaiting the draw for the groups:bound::bound::bound::bound:
  3. Hullbee

    Millwall and New Den (Council interests questioned)

    I am definitely no fan of Millwall but this absolutely stinks to the core.... Those involved at Lewisham Council should resign and stand down due to their significant conflicts of interest:mad1::mad1::mad1: What a racket they are attempting to pull off...
  4. Hullbee

    GPG Humble Pie Eating Contest

    I would like to start by saying I got it wrong about Sam Saunders four years ago when I told him he would be moving on to league two.. I also feel I may have been a little harsh to have repeatedly described Clayton Donaldson as no better than a wheelie bin.. My blind faith in Kevin Rapley was...
  5. Hullbee

    Drugs in golf ???

    With all these top golfers dropping out of the Olympics one has to wonder is it because the drugs testing is better than the PGA currently do. I have heard in the past that golfers 6 months injury absences are often drug suspensions covered up. never hear them going into details on injuries...
  6. Hullbee

    Violence at Euro 2016

    Well things definitely got out off hand with the Russian hooligans clearly out to advance their reputation. The scenes in the stadium were disgusting. Seems there was a huge kick off between northern Ireland fans and poles. Is this likely to be the most violent tournament ever? High...
  7. Hullbee

    Promoting the Bees abroad are you doing your bit??

    Just wondering what ex pat bees are doing to promote Brentford abroad or even bees simply going on holiday. Brentford beach towel for me and a bees car freshener for the car.
  8. Hullbee

    The Club ripping fans off on postage of tickets

    For the Fulham game I purchased 8 tickets together online and was charged an additional £6.00 for them to be sent special delivery. There was no option to opt out or collect at club shop just pay the £6.00 postage. Having not purchased many away tickets this season due to the inlaws I...
  9. Hullbee

    Warburton Chant in Ealing Road today

    Have a word with yourself!!!! pleasing to hear it being shut down first by true informed supporters and then the players!!!!!! Absolute mug!!!
  10. Hullbee

    Friday to be our last competitive game ever at Griffin Park????

    :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: If we go up and have to ground share this could be a reality.....
  11. Hullbee

    18 Years Ago Today Fans Untied at Brighton Any bees attend this game
  12. Hullbee

    Plastic tunnel

    Looks a bit silly and unnecessary at griffin park old ground with modern equipment looks daft
  13. Hullbee

    Solidarity with Oldham Fans

    I am truly disgusted that Oldham have re-signed that scumbag!!! I therefore think that us Brentford fans should show solidarity with their fans and invite them to join us in the away end when we play up north..
  14. Hullbee

    Are we passing ourselves into a standstill???

    Since the first half at Cardiff I feel despite having loads of possession we get to a stage in the game where we run out of ideas and effectively come to a standstill. This usually results in a lapses in concentration and opportunities for the opposition to score. When they do eventually score...
  15. Hullbee

    Why are we so crap on Boxing Day???

    Nearly every year we fall to preform in front of a big crowd on Boxing Day why is this???
  16. Hullbee

    How have London Wasps managed to get 28k plus in attendance today at Coventry

    I am struggling to understand how Wasps have got 28k for their first home game at Coventry..:eek::confused: Yet at Adams Park they were getting less than 10k
  17. Hullbee

    Private coaches to away game recommendations

    Anybody got any recommendations for companies who can take about 30-50 up and down to Brighton:wave::wave::wave::wave:
  18. Hullbee

    Improving the Griffin Park Experience

    Having visited Loftus Road I think there are a few things we could improve and learn from... Things they do well at Lodtus Road. People around the ground with sign boards making themselves available to help. As you walk through the gates you are met by someone welcoming you to the ground...
  19. Hullbee

    Increasing number of ladies attending GP

    Is it me or have the numbers of ladies attending GP jumped dramatically this season????? Seen a few on Ealing Road hanging out of their blokes playing with their phones on Ealing Road
  20. Hullbee

    Footballer Dies after been struck by object from the crowd

    Truly shocking:(:eek::(
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