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    Gone Elsewhere Marcus Maddison (Unattached to Charlton Athletic)

    Can't see him passing the no dickheads test though..
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    Attacking the Ealing Road first half.

    Just a thought. With the ridiculously defensive/timewasting approach of many opposition sides at GP this year it seems to be increasingly important for us to score first and play from ahead. With that in mind, should we be considering switching things around and attacking the Ealing Road in the...
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    Set Pieces 2019/20

    Is it just me or has our delivery at set pieces, corners in particular, been poor this year. Can't remember many good chances coming from these except Jeanvier Vs Hull.
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    Get it together. All of you.

    Enough about who's fault this is and about who should go or who should come in. We're in a hole and everyone in the organisation needs to think about what they need to do to sort it out. Bland media soundbites won't change anything but self reflection, proper leadership and togetherness will...
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    Where to watch Derby vs Cardiff

    Just wondering if any local pubs will be showing this tonight instead of the champions league nonsense. Globe? Nelson?I
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    Incident in the Paddock vs Fulham

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Wondering what happened in the Paddock just before half time on Saturday. Someone was ejected and there was a lot of chanting aimed (I think) at the stewards. Anyone know anything?
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    Things other fans say about Brentford FC

    Wondered if it might be good to have a thread where this stuff can be collated - starting with the link to the Saints fans views on our game yesterday. Impressed with the football and with Jota...
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    I've posted this confession elsewhere on previous occasions but in the 90's I lived in Coventry and held a season ticket there for a few years. Whilst you might think this is a plea for sympathy on a number of levels it's actually a lesson in what happens when a club eschews sustainability in...
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    Fulham in the top half?

    According to this thread, they think they're nailed on for it. So much so that some of them have got quite excited
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    Another analyst signs.. Anyone read much of his stuff?
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    2015/16 I told you so predictions

    For the benefit of our discussions in May 2016, just wondered what people's predictions/hunches are for Brentford this season across the three competitions. Obviously, the league is most relevant but the others could be a laugh. I'll start with: Championship: Winners League Cup: Quarter Finals...
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    Nottingham Forest v Brentford - Forest Fans aren't very happy..

    Interesting reading..
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    How do we feel about the season so far?

    We have been competitive in all our matches, dominating play for big chunks of the games. The players are gaining experience and confidence and they will gel more and more as time goes on - particularly important given our style of play. Also Charlton and Bournemouth are both sollid teams who...
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    Where do you think we will finish in 2014/15?

    I ask because I have no idea. If the new guys gel and play to their potential I think it could be an amazing year.. I certainly can't imagine many teams wanting to play against our ridiculously quick front line. I'll split the difference and go for 10th. Buy or sell?
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