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  1. South Acton Bee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    I think it's a terrible move career wise . west ham have done zero with anyone they signed in past 5 years . and david Moyes wont have clue how to use Said . Come on they had a great player in Anderson and ****ed that up . But Said if you get the deal you want and Bees get 25 plus . Good Luck...
  2. South Acton Bee

    The Club Shop

    awwww I remember that as kid thought we hit the big time as a shop was selling bees shirts 😂
  3. South Acton Bee

    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2023

    The hits just keep on coming .
  4. South Acton Bee

    iFollow Codes Have Been Emailed Preston (H) - Now Sunday 4th Oct 14:00

    b***ock*s at work 😡 and miss the Fulham game because it's at stupid o clock .
  5. South Acton Bee

    Chuba Akpom

    really ! the guy bad news
  6. South Acton Bee

    Club Statement on Racist Video

    So muppet on Twitter I believe
  7. South Acton Bee

    Watching Brentford v Going to a Game

    bees on the tv use to be a big thing but now I'm losing interest very quick without crowds and being there live 😪 get the few a few local non leagues will be visited
  8. South Acton Bee

    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    yeah 2 adult season tickets and junior season here . zero need for 3 I follows . so with sky Go and the I follow (at 200 pound ish worth) think I'm out a few quid ! excellent deal brentford
  9. South Acton Bee

    Bury FC: Expelled from the Football League

    this guy makes Donald and Boris look normal! what a fruitloop
  10. South Acton Bee

    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    I raise you port vale home shirt and keeper shirt 😂
  11. South Acton Bee

    Derby County 2018/19 - Financial Concerns?

    Wayne Rooney was worth every penny ! what a joke bet Sheffield wed are happy
  12. South Acton Bee

    AFC Wimbledon to Groundshare at QPR

    what a joke club afc are...
  13. South Acton Bee

    Team vs Wycombe (League cup)

    so at least 5 or 6 players maybe more unavailable due to international call ups . this not bloody rugby ! total madness that we could have all these players missing regardless if we choose to play them but wycombe have a full squad to pick from ...
  14. South Acton Bee

    Carabao Cup R1: Wycombe (H) - Live on SKY Sunday 6th at Noon

    peter G finally gets his bees debut
  15. South Acton Bee

    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    easy life as 3rd choice keeper
  16. South Acton Bee

    Book Your Visit To GP! More Tickets Available

    No email no places doesnt matter if 1980 1990 2000 or 2020 brentford still know how to royally **** up
  17. South Acton Bee

    Birmingham retiring no 22 shirt in honour of Jude Bellingham

    lawsuit if I was Dortmund fan 😂
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