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  1. Themepark

    Non-League Football Season Cancelled at Steps Five and Six

    Well... bloody hell.
  2. Themepark

    Junior Agogo RIP Just 40 years of age :(
  3. Themepark

    Brentford most loved football club in Championship

    According to a poll in The Mirror at least :love: Leeds are the most hated. An average of 30% of fans said they loved the Bees while QPha are the least loved of the lot lol
  4. Themepark

    Brentford FC - iFollow

    Just to throw it out there - for anyone who's on month to month subscriptions you may have yours stopped for the clash on Sunday due to the new system coming in. If you have this situation, please DM me with your account info and your current expiration date and I will get you sorted out...
  5. Themepark

    Brentford v Wolves Extended Highlights Available on YouTube

    We've just had an update from the platform and it's clear we're not going to get a fix anytime soon. Myself and CW have talked this evening about what we should do with regard to BP content in general and the extended highlights while we await the fix. Although we've been let down by the...
  6. Themepark

    Fulham on DVD

    Having seen the response to the Fulham game, and the demand for it - I've started looking into the ramifications of putting it onto DVD as something that the club could perhaps do as a momento. So with that in mind, I'd like to just pose the question as a bit of initial research if you'd like -...
  7. Themepark

    Half Time Tracks

    I have been trying to figure out all of the instrumentals, If we are Drawing or winning Pete Gillham puts it on at half time. Can anyone give me titles to all of the instrumental music Pete Puts on? Thanks;)
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