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    Stoke City beam back to Lionel Road

    How can the club "rip you off" if you have the choice to go or not. I reckon a burger, 2 beers, a pie & watch the game without paying a tenner at home means you get to see the new ground & all it offers for approx. £7.50 But the best bit is that it's your choice if you go. So ripping you off...
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    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    Nice layout, 1 question, where will I find thread for Planet Cast ?
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Look at the difference between Watkins & Martin, one works his socks off for the team & the other just does his bit when the opportunity arises, The latter is "stealing" a living in my book by letting his team-mates do all the work.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Do you think so? he just seems to wander around with no great enthusiasm or goes down trying to win a free kick. Leeds last season with a more mobile front man would have had the league sewn up well before lockdown.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window – Other Clubs

    Another example of a player stealing a living letting everybody else do the running for him, him & Bamford are the last of the old school forwards. No place in modern football but Bristol City clearly have no idea how to move forward if you look at some of their other signings for this season.
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    Flat Beer Moment v Fulham

    Any team that set up to press us high up the pitch or overload the midfield will stop us playing out from the back & result in us hitting long balls, You're right, it is obvious from very early on how we are going to perform.
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    Bees v Swans final ever GP Champagne Moment

    He said during commentary last night he knew how good we were when he managed Ipswich but had a plan "to get at them" translated that means break a leg in 4 places to stop them playing - f*****g dinosaur
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    FT: Swansea 1 (Stroud) - 0 Bees

    Of course he's saying "clear red" if he said it wasn't as opposition manager it would definitely be rescinded & Rico would be playing on wednesday, might influence his decision & a stupid question from the Sky bird to ask.
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    We never fail to fail

    It's not 2 games, any team that stop us playing out from the back by a high press will beat us, we haven't a clue how to adapt to that & will always concede a sloppy goal being forced into mistakes.
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    Stoke 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    This has happened a few times this season, any team that sit deep with 11 behind the ball makes it impossible for us to counter attack at pace & we end up trying to pass our way through a brick wall, it also seems this forces us to play to feet & not into spaces because there isn't any. The only...
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    Weekend 10-12th July Optimal Outcomes

    We need to finish 3rd at least & take our chances against any of the current teams vying for that 6th spot, have to accept Fulscum & Forest will finish 3rd,4th or 5th & would feel confident to beat Fulscum in semi's if we had to, but under no circumstances do I fancy playing Forest over 2 legs...
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    No need for the condesending remark, Bannon is a class act that would suit our system perfectly. I asked about a players style of play, not his age or whether he would replace anybody.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    After watching lots of Championship games over the past 2 weeks, who has impressed the most & would suit the "Brentford Style" my top pick would be Bannon from Sheff Wed, he would be a perfect fit for our style. also DaSilva at Bristol City would offer great competition to Rico.
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    Joel Valencia - (June 2023) Season loan to Legia Warsaw

    Don't you mean he found P.O.M.O ?????
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Totally agree with Banana, but with being allowed 9 subs now, having Sergi on the bench with no intention of using him might be advantagous for team morale, the guys enthusiasm could be invaluable in the remaining games to some of the younger players.
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    How will/should LR and other stadiums open/reopen to fans?

    I heard from someone highly placed at a championship club that the EFL have discussed plans next season to allow spectators using the following guidelines. Each club can accomodate half of their capacity, this will help lower league clubs who could possibly achieve their pre-virus average gates...
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    Score Centre 2019/20

    Exactly, probably a bad analogy but an aeroplane is not in the air if the wheels are touching the ground
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    Score Centre 2019/20

    Banana is right, the law says "the whole of the ball must be over the line" how can it be over if part of it is touching.
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    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    It's ok thanks, I thought any tickets being offered now were on exchange, Badgerbee has put me right but that website is bloody awful,
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    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    I understood that but assumed any still available were on Exchange, but if I click on Exchange it only lets me offer mine. Read about how crap this site is but never thought it was this poor
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