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    Rico Henry - Signs to June 2023

    As much as we all love Rico and can't wait to see him back, I can't help but feel that it's the one position on the pitch where we have the highest quality backup (Canos!). Arguably his best position. I'm more interested on who we're going to see at RB to compete with Roerslev.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    I'd be worried if I were an opposition fan. If we bid for a player, or show interest... it generally means we've seen something that maybe their club/fans haven't in that player. Not always the case (Ivan Toney for example), but in all honesty if I were the owner of a club, and Brentford...
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    Billy Reeves

    O wow, I never knew any of this about Billy, that's an incredible story. What a life.
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    Brentford Only PL Club to Escape Covid Passports (Maybe)

    Jeez, just get jabbed and attend... simple isn’t it? I reckon I’ve taken way worse than a Covid jab on a few nights out before from people that are even less trustworthy than the government 😆. In fact, you’ll probably find that those 10 pints you knocked back last night will probably cause you...
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    Strong Rumour New Player Clue (Jens Cajuste)

    Quality post. I couldn’t even guess what this means
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    Gone Elsewhere Harry Wilson (Liverpool, Forward)

    I think he’s a good Championship player, and probably a pretty poor Premier league player. Could have gone either way if we’d signed him, but very comfortable with the fact we didn’t. I think we can see the way we’re going , we’re singing big, strong athletic players that will stick up to the...
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    Fleet John Premier League Match Report Thread 2021/22

    what a brilliant read , actually bloody well written mate. Enjoyed that
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    Summer 2021 Transfer Window (Non Brentford)

    Only team that could afford him probably
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    Team for Arsenal game

    I reckon that’s probably the team, unless we see a new full back or striker come in.
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    Team for Arsenal game

    Is that Henry at RWB? I think we have 2 LWB's in Canos and Henry, Canos is far more effective in that position than RWB.
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    Team for Arsenal game

    We wont go back to 433 yet surely, the new formation got us promoted in the end?
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    Team for Arsenal game

    Tough to leave Canos out, but I suspect he'll start anyway as we've seen no sign of Henry. Apart from that, again harsh on Janelt but i'd expect our new signing to start. I actually prefer Norgaard in the Ajer role but we signed him for a reason. Apart from Canos for Henry I imagine you've...
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    Team v AFC Wimbledon

    Link mate, I’m in perisher up the snow haha
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    Pre-season friendlies - 2021/22

    What times the game today?
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    Tenuous Link Nikola Vlasic AM CSKA Moscow

    🤣🤣 you know too much
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    Strong Rumour New Player Clue (Jens Cajuste)

    Love how Magicbees is liking all the posts about not enough firepower, or strikers. Quality
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    New Shirt Sponsor- Hollywoodbets

    Whilst supporting a club ran on gambled money... couldn't make it up could you! :LOL:
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    Arsenal (H) Predictions

    Too early for this, I'd expect Canos and Henry to find their way into that team an i'd still hope we have a signing coming in that could offer more than Ghoddos, and potentially Roerslev...
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    Aaron Pressley (June 2023+1yr opt) Season loan to AFC Wimbledon

    I just wanna quote this, just because it makes me feel good
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    New Kits for 2021/22

    Excellent job. The sponsor is what it is, but the shirts are beautiful.
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