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  1. J

    Melvin Minter

    I think he’s trying to set a record, or maybe just addicted to signing contracts?
  2. J

    Stroud is Referee for Stoke (A)

    He must’ve been absolute cack for us in Div 3 then.... Every Stroud has a silver lining?
  3. J

    Can you "fail" a (transfer) medical test?

    Is it some insurance requirement? I mean there’s nothing to say you can’t sign a player with a ‘failed’ medical, or even without one at all. You wouldn’t be able to get him insured though, I guess. Andy Feeley comes to mind. Signed after a trial, and lasted a couple of seasons. Even Wiki states...
  4. J

    Stoke v Bees predictions....

    Why weren’t the first 2 sets finished?
  5. J

    Stoke v Bees predictions....

    They’ve had the red card from the weekend overturned. Hopefully, it has no bearing on our win.
  6. J

    Things other fans say about Brentford FC

    I’ve had a look at ‘The Oatcake’ to see what Stoke fans are saying. Generally complimentary, a mixture of admiration and trepidation. BillyBee’s already been on it correcting a couple of things. I’ve learnt a new word there - ‘ferfuxache’. An irony compound perhaps?
  7. J

    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    Didn’t Said have a similar flurry of goals last season? One was a hat trick, so I guess there could have been a blank as well.
  8. J

    Things other fans say about Brentford FC

    Owlstalk (big club = big forum), have now highlighted this over umpty pages, just in case everyone missed it! Dawson could be busy parrying shots in the next few games....
  9. J

    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    Really? Mads and Fosu have just played for their countries!
  10. J

    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    I’ve lost track. Is there a minimum no. of home grown players needed on the pitch at any one time? Does Sergi count as one?
  11. J

    James Richardson

    Great presenter. Always enjoyed his Sunday Italian football shows. Imlach is class, too.
  12. J

    Said Benrahma

    Fair enough. However I think Baroness Peschidildo & Co are stuck with Wet Sham for another 4(?) years. Probably read it on the interminable SB transfer thread, and something to do with the Stadium.
  13. J

    Sheff Weds (A) Predictions

    If Jensen plays a central role in the game, it implies he’d be getting plenty of the ball. When that happens, we start to really tick.... Is ‘Wednesday on a Wednesday,’ one of ‘those’ stats? Or, have I misremembered something about them?
  14. J

    Daniel Bentley

    Saw it on SSN. Lesson is don’t pass it to a lone kid defender on the edge of your area, when the opposition is pressing high...
  15. J

    York City’s new stadium.

    Still looks better than Wetherby Road. Bonkers decision not to allow Harrogate to play there, just because they’re not a League club.
  16. J

    This forum

    Ok then, thanks.
  17. J

    Team v Sheff Wed

    Rotation is all very well, but TF doesn’t usually do it wholesale. I’d get the ball rolling (ha, ha) with Bryan. One ‘worldie’ every 6 weeks doesn’t cover him being out of form generally. Not starting could do him good, maybe relieve any pressure to match last season etc. Fosu and Canos would...
  18. J

    This forum

    Shows as “This forum” under my “What’s New”. Is this correct?
  19. J

    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    I like it, but please don’t say it too often yet!
  20. J

    Mathias Jensen - Signs to 2023 (+1yr option)

    A Coventry fan reckoned we were playing 1 - 1 - 8 in the 1st half!
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