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  1. Burno

    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    Bought a few espressi. Thanks.Banana
  2. Burno

    FC Midtjylland

  3. Burno

    Capital Cup Round 2 - Fulham (H)

    A mate just text to say he'd read on the gpg that the game's off tonight. Can't see anything on OS, is he on a wind up?
  4. Burno

    Secretary of State approves Lionel Road

    Just heard the brilliant news. Can I buy a season ticket in advance, don't want to miss the historical first match at LR. Thanks to all involved , Up The Bees!!!!
  5. Burno

    Pre-Season Friendlies: Celtic, Millwall & Cardiff (H) & Boreham Wood (A)

    No to any kind of hoops. The Celtic pub will be happy :(
  6. Burno

    Brentford U-16's WIN Milk Cup in NI (leading Youth Tournament)

    Just heard the news. Good scenes from the tiddler Bees!!
  7. Burno

    Keith Moon special on Radio 2 coming up!!

    Keith Moon special on Radio 2 coming up!!
  8. Burno

    Aye Aye!!

    Aye Aye!!
  9. Burno

    Southampton train tickets: £10 return

    Result!! My first away day for ages. Hopefully meeting Dolly there, for those that remember him. Hope to see some of you there for much merriment :sorted:
  10. Burno

    Silverware in Brentford cabinet

    I've got a feeling Simon 24 is the famous Harry Potter lol :rolleyes: :nono:
  11. Burno

    Telegraph Fantasy Cricket 2006

    I can't believe I won with 3 Middlesex players in my team :D Thought I might have blown it by not having Mushtaq in my team :eek: Well played everyone, especially those with 3 teams. I found it hard enough managing just the 1. :sorted:
  12. Burno

    England v Pakistan 4th Test, The Oval

    How many Surrey players are in the Pakistan team?
  13. Burno

    England v Pakistan 3rd Test Headingley

    Did you edit your post? Bad Edmundo :nono:
  14. Burno

    England v Pakistan 3rd Test Headingley

    I thought Jones had been dropped :confused:
  15. Burno

    County Cricket Season 2006

    Don't start me off on Runs4cash again ;)
  16. Burno

    Thank You All Brentford Fans (Msg from Jay Tabb)

    I've stick got the scars from Wycombe away ;) Best of luck at Cov Jay, you're guaranteed a hero's welcome when you return to play/watch at GP :sorted:
  17. Burno

    England vs Pakistan 1st Test

    Who's been looking at cricinfo? :computer: ;)
  18. Burno

    England vs Pakistan 1st Test

    Jones out. Read In.
  19. Burno

    Cricket's Twenty20 - 2006

    Ed Smith (or should that be Ed The Duck) :mad1: pi$$ off and write another book will you? Emburey got a lot of stick from home fans after the game, don't know how long he's got left. Louw and Ali aren't good enough. Morgan's a 19 year old from Dublin, looking like a goodun. Well played...
  20. Burno

    County Cricket Season 2006

    Anyone going to the Middlesex V Brown Trousers 20/20 game this evening? Getting a bit bored with this format of the game, but shall be there for a few beers :sorted:
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