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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    Pixelated, blurry crap stream here.
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    Pre-season Friendlies 2020/21

    Does anyone know about a B team game at GP tonight? My tour guide (the tunnel manager) said we needed to stay off the pitch as they’re playing on it in Wednesday. Would like to go and take some floodlight photos from surrounding streets if it’s on.
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    Brentford FC Chant Bible

    That Middlesborough away game was deafening. We just couldn't get heard until the last 20 mins or so when the game was won. I sing my heart out at every game I attend despite being in my 50s but really hope we can see the old girl off with some special atmospheres for the last 9 and maybe get...
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    Brentford FC Chant Bible

    I think Hi Ho Silver Lining could have legs though
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    Brentford FC Chant Bible

    "Dasilva you knoooow, he only scores f***king great goals" to the tune of 'Magic' by Pilot from 1975 so no exactly contemporary:D
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    Brentford FC Chant Bible

    I think we need a BMW song... All I can come up with is "We've got B-M-W" to the tune of D-I-S-C-O or dodododododo BMW to the tune we used to sing for Florian Jozefzoon :sneakoff:
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    Old Bees programmes

    Many thanks both I did have a quick look on eBay and came to a similar conclusion, so yeah I’m open to any offers from fellow gpgers. They’re in pretty good nick and I’m not expecting much for them. Happy to do a more detailed inventory if anyone’s interested. Cheers
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    Old Bees programmes

    I have been having a bit of a clear out and have been sifting through a bag of old programmes that I collected in my younger days and my Mum kept hold of for some reason. They start around 1976 but most seem to be early 80s (when I started going on my own) including Liverpool at home and...
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    Game 62: SF2: England v Croatia

    Am flying off to Florida so anywhere I can find showing the soccerball World Series!
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    Huddersfield fans are nice!

    I had a bloke with a 3 year old on his shoulders offering to fight me after that play-off game. One of the most bizarre things I've ever seen and always comes to mind whenever Huddersfield fans are mentioned.
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    Non Bees games you've attended 2015/2016

    Went to Os Belenenses v Cashpoint SC Rheindorf Altach last night while on holiday in Lisbon. A Europa league game between Lisbon's 3rd team who are much poorer than their city neighbours and with a small passionate following and Austrian outfit Cashpoint! Renamed by their sponsors apparently...
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    Ipswich Town - 26/12 KO 1pm - Returns Only

    Nice one! 7:23 from Birchington it is then. I had no idea they stopped there. Thanks a lot
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    Ipswich Town - 26/12 KO 1pm - Returns Only

    Yeah I'm a season ticket holder
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    Ipswich Town - 26/12 KO 1pm - Returns Only

    Desperate to get to this game. Will be waking up at my Mum's in Birchington, Kent on Boxing Day morning. Anybody driving from Kent to the game (petrol money being offered of course) or have any ideas of how I could get to GP? The only trains I can see coming into London are from Ashford Intl...
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    Mighty Brentford v Little Old Leeds Champagne Moment

    'We're just too good for you' - because we really were
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    Promotion Celebration Videos

    Here's my photos of the MK promotion party including 'the conga', 'shoes off if you're going up', 'Bees up Fulham down' and all your other favourites. What a day and we've still got two more to go!
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    Swindon away - 12 April

    If anyone's driving from West London and looking for someone to share petrol money please pm me. Otherwise it's the National Express :(
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