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  1. Burno

    'Sex V Surrey

    Championship game at Lords starting tomorrow. Anyone going ? :beer: I hear Thorpe could be playing for the cheats , will be a tough game. Come On Middlesex!
  2. Burno

    Martin's Easter Message

    4 players added to the squad for Monday's game, including Dean Wells :,,10421~512017,00.html
  3. Burno

    Another message from Maddog

    His Mum told him off :D,,10421~510784,00.html
  4. Burno

    Hoop in rehab

    Clarke Carlisle has been checked into rehab: Must be why they're sniffing round Ivar!!
  5. Burno

    Conference Playoffs

    The second leg of the Conference playoff semis were tonight. Doncaster and Dag & Red are through to the final, both winning on penalties. Anyone know where the final is being played?
  6. Burno

    Burnley 3-0 Fulham

    Tonights footy Burnley1 Fulscum 0:banana:
  7. Burno

    Any plumbers amongst us?,,10421~339350,00.html What's the point in building a laundry room when our time at GP is limited :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. Burno

    7 teams fighting for 6th place!

    Looking at the Div2 table it looks like there's seven teams, including the SuperBees, fighting it out for the final playoff place. As we didn't play today we've moved down to 11th , but if we win our game in hand will shoot up to 6th :yes: I just hope that we don't fall too far behind, our next...
  9. Burno

    New player in!

    Not much info yet. Andrew Frampton from Palace:,,10421~292605,00.html
  10. Burno

    Watford V Luton

    Well, it's all kicked off inside the stadium before the game's even started. Watford(scum) and Luton(scum) are on the pitch. Game's been delayed.
  11. Burno

    6 players released!

    Oh well, we all knew they'd be leaving, but now it's official. Thanks Skip, Ivar and Lloydy for all your efforts. I'm very worried about next season. Not much of a squad left. Come on you Bees!,,10421~224523,00.html
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