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  1. LboroBee

    Griffin Park - angriest memories

    As we say a prolonged goodbye to our old home, just for fun, what footballing situations have made you the angriest you have been at Griffin Park? In time, has your view of said situation changed?
  2. LboroBee

    We support our local team

    Or do we? Here's a (somewhat) interesting article, showing which English teams would be the most supported, if we all followed the 1 team closest to our homes...
  3. LboroBee

    Wanted: Brentford - Port Vale programme, H, Jan 2014

    Hello, as title says really. I'm looking for a spare programme if the port Vale game last month. It was the programme with the list of fans we've lost in the last 12 months. My Dad's best friend is on that list, and he'd like a copy for the widow, who always encouraged him in supporting the...
  4. LboroBee

    Physiotherapist - anyone recommend?

    Hi, as title says really, my last Physio from 10 years ago isn't there any more. distance not too much of a problem, in Berkshire but can go east west north south. in particular a football type Physio, ankle not fixing itself :(
  5. LboroBee

    Where will we finish in May 2007

  6. LboroBee

    a bit about ex-bee Dennis Bailey

    always remembered fondly by me, for his goals whilst on loan, in the push for promotion c.10 years ago
  7. LboroBee

    Any answer from the superstore phone?

    Hi, has anyone tried today (or ever) to ring the bfc superstore? I rang the club number as instructed, then pressed 1 for the superstore. It keeps ringing and ringing. Tried all lunchtime. I want to find out if they have copies of FM2006 for the PC left, for me to buy tomorrow. So the...
  8. LboroBee

    Chester City

    soon no more? I'm sure I remember reading they bought a striker from Doncaster for £100,000 not very long ago at all!
  9. LboroBee

    When's the new kit out ?

    does anyone know... ? thanks
  10. LboroBee

    promotion shocker very dodgy action taken by the FA here. Anyone know how we can support Burscough in their appeal? The FA certainly wouldn't have got away with that in the league
  11. LboroBee

    BFC 3rd socks (gold/yellow)

    Hi, does anyone have any spare/new/for sale? (adult size) i had some, but some fouling @%!* at training the other day did a slider on me shins, and ripped one of them As we're getting rid of that kit, they were reduced in the club shop, & they've got none left, Mr.Grumpy informed me. thanks
  12. LboroBee

    saw Rhodes & Nelson shopping

    in the Oracle in Reading, said hello to them, asked how Rhodes injury is bit of news for ya anyway :worm:
  13. LboroBee

    Potential goal-getter ?

    A Jonny Dixon of Wycombe. Has been on loan to Aldershot this season (two spells), and is 21 years young. Scored 6 in 11 games for the Shots so far this season. Has a very good goal-game ratio, albeit 2 divisions lower, however a lot of Conference clubs are full-time nowadays. has anyone seen...
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