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    Stroud is Referee for Stoke (A)

    ...those and red and yellow cards in abundance!
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    Charlie Goode - Signs to June 2024 (plus 1 Yr Option)

    Please keep up, both out on loan. Jeanvier in Turkey, and Racic at the Cobblers (certain irony there!)
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Remember seeing Dorchester's ground when in the town a few years ago. IIRC it's in a Tesco Car Park! Remember 'muff ground shared there when Dean Court was being rebuilt.
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    Bury AFC - BBC documentary

    Part 2 just been on BBC News Channel. Showed bits of their 1st couple of matches since being formed. Lost both of 'em, but (not shown) won their 1st match in North West Counties League. Ground sharing with a local n/l club but very good support. Players get about £35 a match at their level, so...
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    Got Marky & Ben Burgess sound. Using EFL iFollow app on phone. Go to Matches and tap today's match, you should then get a prompt to listen live.
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    Match Latest Stoke 3 - 2 Brentford (Forss(2))

    So do I. Previously worked using EFL iFollow app on phone. Go to Matches, and choose Stoke v Brentford. You should then get a Listen option. Just tried it myself, but Marky & Co not on air as yet.
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    Scott Hogan

    ...the money is, though!
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    David Pitt

    ...because he's the next big thing?!
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    Sheffield Wednesday (Away) NO iFollow codes.

    My desk top refers to 'apps' on the internet screen. Have you tried searching 'EFL iFollow' on the desktop and see what appears from the search engine list? (I'm sure you have - probably like telling my grandmother to suck eggs!)
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    London Senior Cup 2020/21 R3 TBC

    All good to hear. Hope we have a video to watch, sooner or later. One small gripe. The report on the OS - noticed this before on B team reports - is always written as eg "the fourth goal would be...", rather the fourth goal was...". Everything in the report "would be" rather than "was". In...
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    Sheffield Wednesday (Away) NO iFollow codes.

    On the phone, go into EFL iFollow app, then "matches", then tap the Sheff Wed match. I got options showing 'listen' (which I paid for the whole season) and 'watch live' which was this deal.
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    London Senior Cup 2020/21 R3 TBC

    Is that Kingsbury's ground?
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    Conditions of PL Financial Support

    I stand corrected!
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    Conditions of PL Financial Support

    Crowds were larger in the Football League until Sky came along. More armchair fans as a result of their involvement IMO.
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    Bury AFC - BBC documentary

    Currently on BBC News Channel. That could have been us in 1967.... . Apparent that Bury were shafted by various people/organisations. Macclesfield have had the same s**t thrown at them by their owner. Good luck to Bury Phoenix in achieving their aims. Wimbledon took (how many?) years to get back...
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-0 Coventry

    No mention in TF or IT interview about his substitution.
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    Post Match Thread Brentford 2-0 Coventry

    Was playing for Coventry today.
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    iFollow Codes Have Been Emailed iFollow and Coventry (H)

    Entered code on phone and saw audio and visual coverage appear on EFL iFollow app against the match. I was on the desktop yesterday and looked in on the BFC OS but it didn't"t show on there. Don't mind watching on phone, but would bee better on desktop. Hope that's corrected by 3pm!
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    Used to... .
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