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    BFC Mobile App.

    Seems to me that this has been updated overnight. Laid out in some ways similar to the OS. Tend to use phone rather than computer these days for BFC stuff. Going to take a while to get used to it, but first impressions good.
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    Season 1991/92

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2 rewinds of that season. Some of the goals and build ups to them were quite tasty. The team was obviously showing a great togetherness, much like the current squad. And what about the short shorts! I had forgotten that that was the season we had a 3 sided ground...
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    Ex players rejoining BFC in other roles

    Farid El Alagui now back on the payroll as French scout. From memory, John Docherty, Andy Scott and Sammy Saunders have all returned to the club after playing days over, in coaching/scouting roles. This does not include going directly to another role, as, eg, KOC and Nicky Forster. They must...
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    Loud Home Crowds at Away Games

    A comment on one of the threads re the Forest away game got me thinking about 'loud' opposition crowds. At the City Ground last week was quite impressed by what seemed like the whole home support joining in their version of 'Mull of Kintyre'. The accompaniment was turned off, and they just...
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    Ball boys in trouble

    Couldn't find a suitable thread for this so created a new one. Saw this morning that the referee at Yeovil's home game yesterday sent off one ball boy for excessive time wasting when throwing the ball back into play. Had been warned, but did it again and got his yellow card. Apparently 7 ball...
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    Bees Review match day programme

    Haven't read it yet. However, an inauspicious start by not having any of Brum players numbers listed on the back page and none of our B team subs listed thereon either! No one appears to have proof read that back page. Brentford, huh!
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    Our lowest away attendance

    Seeing the Swansea v Brentford thread got me wondering. What is our lowest away attendance? I remember going to 1st round League Cup away at Gay Meadow, where IIRC we won, Kevin Rapley definitely scored and may have got 2 or 3 goals. I also seem to remember there weren't many of us there that...
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    Press obsession with the Premier League

    Some of the national dailies do give reasonable coverage of the EFL, both in news and match reports (of sorts). The Football League Paper is by far the best. However, for my sins, I read the Telegraph. I felt a few weeks ago that I was duty bound to complain by Email when their Sports Section...
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    Pre match press conferences

    I've just watched and listened to DS' pre Rotherham press conference, and he had a lot of interesting things to say. However, whilst we, the 'audience' could hear Dean loud and clear, the questions from the journos were indecipherable. You had to guess what the question was by Dean's reply! Is...
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    2018/2019 Season Geography

    Following the completion of the play offs the Championship has gone even more "northern" next season. According to my calculation there are 10 out 24 clubs that are Yorkshire or further, 7 Midlands (including Naarwich for this purpose), and 7 Southerners. New grounds for me to do are Swansea...
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    Falkirk FC abandoning their Academy

    Judging by reports they did a fact finding visit to the mighty Bees before deciding to concentrate their finances on the 1st team. They apparently need to find their way back to the Scottish Premiership after 8 years out of it. It will be interesting to see if they go the whole hog and set up a...
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    Champagne moment v Royals

    Can't find a thread so I'll start. FloJo's run down the wing for Jota's goal. Oh, and getting in my front door by 11pm, notwithstanding the later ko time.
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    Bristol City (A) 13 December 2016 - ticket news

    Should have posted this a few days ago, but didn't have time. I'm lucky enough to have enough Access Points for first dibs on these tickets. However, was disappointed to see, as well as specific order of selling blocks (not necessarily a problem for me), the 1st 11 eleven rows were uncovered...
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    Champagne moment v Derby

    As to the match itself, Youann's thwarting of Ince's more than likely goal. Also from our supporters 'We don't need a drum, we're Brentford FC, we don't need a drum' was amusing, as was the fire drill to our right both before half time and full time, and ' this a library?'. Noticeable that...
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    Northampton Town FC

    Couldn't find a dedicated thread about Northampton Town. After today's results, they are only 3 wins away of being L2 Champions. Pleased for them after all the shenanigans relating to their new stand, and the alleged dodgy dealings relating thereto. Glad to see on the tele that there are...
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    Bees United AGM 2016

    I know off topic for this thread, but my agenda says one of the items for voting at the AGM is not sending out details of future AGMs? Please note this and below posts have been moved from another thread
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    Ticketing arrangements for non ST holders 2014/5

    Interesting to see MDs interview. There will be no cash turnstiles at GP next season. All match day tickets will have to be purchased in advance if all ticket game, which MD reckons will be upwards of 70 per cent of home matches. For non all ticket games, tickets can only be obtained on the day...
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    Good Friday Afternoon Car Parking

    A lot of the controlled street parking around gp is restricted to daytime Mon-Fri - Saturday afternoons no problems, nor evening games. However I presume restrictions in force although a BH. Any one any ideas to overcome this problem? Public transport is a no no. I know we've had this problem...
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    BFC OS - Mobile site

    Whats happened today.? Has been redesigned. Don't seem able to access latest news. When I click on 'more' nothing changes! I know I'm ancient and have a 2G system. Anyone else having problems?
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    Great Bees awaydays

    Hull's Great days out thread just started on the back of yesterday's excellent turnout at Sarfend (!) got my mind wandering to previous great Bees days out. Apart from the usual suspects of Wembleys, Millenium Stadiums, Peterborough, Blackburn and Liverpool '89, Darlington, Bimingham (x2)...
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