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    R.I.P Graham Marriner

    This was mentioned in the Peter Gilham thread and as most Bees fans would have known him I think he deserves to have a thread in respect.R.I.P Graham
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    Bolton refund

    Has anyone had their ticket refunded I sent them (ticket office)an email a week ago and have had nothing back?
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    Gloucestershire el Classico

    Cheltenham station full of old bill to greet the arrival of the Forrest Green ultras glad I’m heading out of town for Brum this could get very nasty ������
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    Arsene Wenger Resigns from Arsenal

    Stepping down at end of season,good move for him and maybe the club( we will see ).Hes been a truly great manager and would have hated to see him hounded out if he had stayed on for another year.Bad news for Talkshite they will have to find another subject to bore their listeners with every day.
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    Mark Mercer R.I.P

    Very sad news reached us Saturday that Mark aged 53 had just passed away after an illness but never thought his life was in danger.Mark was a very well known face in the paddock and a very popular bloke his dad Bill sits next to me in the paddock.Poor Bill lost his wife only 2 weeks ago now lost...
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    Team to play Norwich

    With the B side slaughtering Reading 9 1 and Judge Marrcondes and Dalsgaard going through 90minutes unscathed.The team now on a great unbeaten run in the league very difficult to sort out the bench along with starting 11
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    Mark Sangster RIP

    Passed away today,very sad news a true bees legend.R.I.P Mark
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    Preston v Bees match reports and reaction

    On train back,excellent performance all over the pitch today Sam included.Preston were as expected hoof ball and fight for the second ball against our very good passing game.Swift was my motm but many were a close second.Barbet looks great on the ball and has a bit of pace while Josh won and...
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    TITS Issue 86

    Can't see anything about this on here,**** me Nick and Rich not very good timing to vent your honest oppinions.Think you 2 should start drinking what Dave and Billy are on at beesottedrofl I bought my copy off Nick straight after Friday nights destruction on the filth down the road and fair play...
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    Time for us fans to show our support for Matthew Benham

    Ok we have all had our say on here hopefully MB has been on the GPG seeing the response to this sad period.Mark Warburton got his farewell from the fans Tuesday night followed by the stage managed support from the players after we scored.Now is the time to show our support to the main man that...
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    "Big Bill" Benn RIP

    Yesterday was the day I said my final farewell to my Dad ,Big Bill as he was known.The service was conducted with family and friends hearing about my Dads life beginning when he was born 1923 in the cottages next to The Plough pub in Northfields which was owned by the Benn family and as many...
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    Crewe 1 Bees 3 Match Reports

    What a great performance got to be the best football I've seen from a Brentford team.The confidence that the players have to play one touch football was a joy to watch especially just after halt time there was a period when the midfield just passed the ball dare I say like Barcelona :)can't wait...
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    Keith Herman RIP

    Just had the sad news that Keith sadly passed away after his long battle with cancer.For many of our fans who travell away will know keith from some great days out in the the NW a truly wonderfull bloke.RIP
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    Crawley 0-1 Bees: Match Reports and Reactions

    First great support again from 1200+ bees and 3 more points.The fact that apart from the penalty their keeper didn't have one shot to save tells you it was all about the points.The other stand out for me was the players worked their socks off without showing any real quality.Mac was my motm...
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    Push up Brentford

    Listening to the Colin Murrey show now and a woman presenter on the show said she sits in the Bill Axby stand and a bloke always shouts push up brentford so they have decided whenever Brentford are mentioned they will shout it out.
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    Millwall v Bees

    Friendly this Wednesday according to there site.
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    Preston v Blackpool

    Pretty good game so far Preston will be challenging at the top this season.Best stadium in our league IMHO.
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    Ben Nugent signs

    According to the Taff news,played number 19 last night for last 20 minutes,looked poor but very well rated by Cardiff
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    Fred Ryecraft - ex goalkeeper

    Fred Rycroft got rough deal at the club,very very underrated was Fred
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    Swindon Away Reports and Reaction

    Just back cracking support great second half with a few hairy moments at the end but we were very much in control second half after a pretty poor first half,Great display by Harry when he came on went past them for fun will let others post more comprehensive reports need to pour myself a large...
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