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  1. Lionel Bart-At

    Watching from Home

    I'm really getting used to this. Loving it, in fact. Get to see every single game, hassle-free and cheap. Don't get wet or cold. Don't have to drive. Don't have to park. Don't get stressed trying to get others out of the house in time to make the pub before the game. Don't get stressed stuck...
  2. Lionel Bart-At

    Champagne moment v Luton away

    Have missed this. Don't have to be there to contribute surely?
  3. Lionel Bart-At

    MOM v Luton

    Have missed this. We don't have to be there to contribute surely? Opinions only as I don't know how to do the vote thingy.
  4. Lionel Bart-At

    Sporting Anomalies

    Morecambe one point off top spot in League Two... with -5 goal difference. Keep them coming on here, in this great new thread from Lionel Bart-At. :sneakoff:
  5. Lionel Bart-At

    England v Mathias Jensen's Denmark

    Your ongoing thoughts, please. Join in, everybody. Very poor uptake on the Christchurch-Dulwich thread last night. :nono:
  6. Lionel Bart-At

    Christchurch v Dulwich Hamlet - FA Cup R3Q (BBC red button)

    Biggest game in Christchurch's history, apparently. Decent game so far (half hour in). Very even. Good ref. Was going to go to H & Y, but couldn't be arsed.
  7. Lionel Bart-At

    England v Wales 08.10.20 20:00 (live on ITV)

    Don't get many out-and-out friendly internationals these days. Will it be a proper match? Will there be 50 substitutions like there used to be? Five naughty boys missing for England, Wales play without Ramsay and Bale. Who will win? Does it matter? Do you even care? Progress and opinions on...
  8. Lionel Bart-At

    BFC Transfers over the Line Only (in and out)

    Just an idea. For those who don't have the patience or will to follow the speculative threads. For those who get the jitters each time a new post pings up on the Ollie or Saïd or Raya or Rico threads. On this hopefully very short thread only actual facts once a deal is done and subsequently...
  9. Lionel Bart-At

    Reasons Why We Will Win at Wembley

    We're better than Fulham We've just put our poor run behind us BMW firing on all cylinders again Fulham do not know their best eleven or style of play We're overdue to win one of these things I could go on...
  10. Lionel Bart-At

    Reasons Why we Will Play at Wembley this Season.

    We have a better side and squad than Swansea. We will not lose four in a row. We are too good. This is the last ever game at Griffin Park and everyone will rise to the occasion. Peter Gilham will not allow anything else. Our coach will get this right. He is a mastermind. Keep the faith, stay...
  11. Lionel Bart-At

    Martin Allen (H) Predictions

    I predict there will be mention of swimming in the Thames.
  12. Lionel Bart-At

    County Cricket 2020 (Starting on Sat Aug 1st. 4 Day Games

    Should there be a season, comments here please on the unstoppable progress of Yorkshire CCC (and other counties).
  13. Lionel Bart-At

    Green Jacket v Sheffield Mittwoch

    As we won, I'll have another try. Dick of the day here please. NB for clarification... local rule: nominations will not be accepted for players, staff, management or fans of BFC. Votes should only be cast for members of the opposition, their fans, stewards, match officials etc. My nomination...
  14. Lionel Bart-At

    Green Jacket v Bannockburn

    In memory of the young Birmingham fan taken from us so tragically, mid-performance, by the forces of order last weekend... tool of the day here, please. Ref? Lino? Melton? Bradley the Johnson? The wind? Commentators/summarisers/pundits (for those of us watching on the telly)? Bloke in the crowd...
  15. Lionel Bart-At

    Green Jacket

    In homage to the comedy genius in the Main Stand who kept us entertained at St Andrew's yesterday, I wondered if posters would think it a good idea to hand out a figurative Green Jacket, Masters style, at the end of a match, as recognition for extreme knobishness? A kind of tool of the day...
  16. Lionel Bart-At

    Amazon Prime Matches (including in the Pub)

    Likely? Possible? Where?
  17. Lionel Bart-At

    Score Centre 2019/20 (non-football)

    Not a lot happening at the moment. Pakistan Women are currently hosting Bangladesh women at cricket. BBC website not showing any score, so I'm assuming 0-0 ;). NZ v England T20 (3 of 5) starts tomorrow at 1.00 (AM?).
  18. Lionel Bart-At

    Matchday Headlines...

    ... post them here. Crappier the better. For today: Derby Demolition. Told you crap was good.
  19. Lionel Bart-At

    Score Centre 2019/20

    Really sad to read that Luis Suarez was the only player to miss a penalty in the shoot-out as Peru knocked Uruguay out of the Copa America. rofl :bound:
  20. Lionel Bart-At

    Masters 2019

    Shaping up very nicely at the moment.
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