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    Dug out bar entry after game

    Cheeky wotsit, we are Dug Out Geezers, the DOG squad and have a lanyard that makes us important and access all areas and friend of the Samosa shack. No one stops us 🖐🏻
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    Are the Club Taking Fans for Granted?

    Budleigh, I think you should drop Jon Varney a well written e mail detailing the areas you are unhappy about as a customer. He is a fan, he knows he has a big job on his hands as a degree of legacy issues and systems that won’t be fixed overnight but I think he’d appreciate all reasonable...
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    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    Great list but no John O’Mara or Stewart Houston in 70’s?
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    Matterface is useless, not forgotten his awful Euro semi final pre match “It’s going be a tough journey, strap yourself in, expect turbulence “ and at the end “Let the kids stay up, remember where you were, “. He’s just dreadful
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    Pontus Jansson

    Leeds fans will presumably stop telling everyone he’s a Leeds ultra after that😀😀🐝🐝🐝
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    Pontus Jansson

    Agree, all I’m saying is a further year option could be like treading water for him if he’s made his mind up that he’s achieved what he joined us for?
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    Pontus Jansson

    Makes perfect sense, if or rather when we stay up he is unlikely to be offered an extended improved contract so why wouldn’t he look to leave for home a Bees legend ?
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2021-22

    Friendly game Weybridge Town 4 - Chertsey Old Salesians 2 Chap count - 14 + 2 players daughters Feisty KT derby with the young, cocky hipsters of Weybridge the better footballing side and playing at higher level finding the old lags of Chertsey a lot harder proposition than they thought they...
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    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    I waded through the thread and my question was one of the better ones so trust you recognised and asked
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    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    I weighed in when you were asking for a contribution, did you prioritise me and ask my question before the plebs?
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    Brentford FC Chant Bible

    We’re an inclusive club so why is it a problem ? 💋💋💋
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    Hungary v England World Cup Qualifier

    Mine were the aertex white and light blue kits we wore in Mexico 1970, they haven’t remade which is a shame
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    Hungary v England World Cup Qualifier

    Av it you ignorant racist cretins
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    Hungary v England World Cup Qualifier

    Take Rice off they are trying to get him sent off, don’t give them the satisfaction
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    Hungary v England World Cup Qualifier

    One rule for English fans and one for everyone else, no doubt the reports will say it’s their culture to boo black players and throw objects at them!!! Ignorant F*****g peasants, make them play home games behind closed doors
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    "Celebration" - The End?

    That was only played briefly when we were asked for recommended songs
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Spot on my friend
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    Best Grounds

    Can’t agree re Luton, sh*tehole and nowhere worth drinking either. Agree re Bramall Lane and I also think St Andrew’s, Hillsborough and Leeds are decent grounds albeit a bit tired on top of those I mentioned previously. I never watched Bees at Highbury but think it was a fantastic, atmospheric...
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