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  1. LingfieldBee

    Adjusting to PL

    So we're 4 games in and adjusting to the PL on and off the pitch. I wondered everyone's initial thoughts? Could be anything, something maybe you expected or didn't expect. For me on pitch it will still take time for the squad to adjust. But we need to learn quick. Made a solid start and under...
  2. LingfieldBee

    Are you happy with your neighbours at LR?

    Have to say I was rather anxious about finding out who my neighbours/fellow STH were at LR but very happy meeting them all at the Valencia game :D
  3. LingfieldBee

    The Run In Weekly shows from Brentford

    Big shout out to all involved in organizing this! Brilliant watch and look forward to the next one. Fantastic engagement by the club and I expect not many other clubs will be doing similar.
  4. LingfieldBee

    2008-2009 Season Review

    I have absolutely loved watching through this on youtube! So many memories, so many away trips with my dad who unfortunately doesn't attend games any more due to the health of my mum. Lincoln away, was absolutely freezing, and my dad was furious the whole journey home that we drew the game...
  5. LingfieldBee

    A must read

    This is must read for all Bees fans. Highlights our journey. And a reminder to those of With MB behind us we have gone from strength to strength.
  6. LingfieldBee

    Griffin Park Improvements for Premier League

    Announced that 3 million will be spent on Gp for premiership
  7. LingfieldBee

    Coventry fans at Arsenal

    Found this rather amusing, the joys of football! rofl:banana:
  8. LingfieldBee

    Anyone experienced the Dortmund Yellow Wall?

    Anyone been to a Dortmund game? and been in the Yellow wall? Me and a group of friends are thinking about doing it after the New Year, wondered if anyone on GPG had made the trip. Apparently around 1,000 Brits go to experience the Yellow Wall every home game.
  9. LingfieldBee

    Feyenoord fans and players tribute to terminally ill fan

    Reason I love being a football fan...
  10. LingfieldBee

    Swindon nearly sold out away allocation... lets get behind the lads.

    With Swindon having nearly sold out there end. Its vital we get behind the team. I performances and results have been poor lately but we cant sit and stand in silence. We need to be the 12th man tomorrow. This game is massive if we lose I see no hope of making top 2, if we win we have a chance...
  11. LingfieldBee

    Thames Valley University Stevenage Ticket Offer.

    Just Seen Brentford have offered a good deal to Students at Thames Valley Unversity Having graduated from St Marys College University in Twickenham this summer I have always wondered why the club hasnt taken the opportunity to tap into potential supporters at local colleges and Universities...
  12. LingfieldBee

    Craig Pead
  13. LingfieldBee

    Paul Gibbs Goal Against Morecombe FA CUP

    Anyone remeber Paul Gibbs goal against Morecombe? was from one of the tightest angles ever! Took it from about an angle of 30! Was down the the Breamer/Brook road corner down that part of the pitch. Tried finding video of it cant find it anyway.
  14. LingfieldBee

    Nathan Elder

    Just seen his goal on football league show. Good goal, all the best to him this season.
  15. LingfieldBee

    New Flag. What Design?

    Im getting a big flag this year, as i intend to be at as many away games possible! and im at wembly twice in September, Slovnia and Croatia game so wanting to represent the bees fans.. Any ideas for flag design?
  16. LingfieldBee

    Fed up with the Adebayor chant

    Why these people in Ealing Road continue to sing this pointless chant i dont know! I dont give a f**k about Adebayor and im sure most bees fans dont, give it rest! Random thread but thought i would vent my anger lol
  17. LingfieldBee

    Geoff Banks-Smith Young Brentford player from youth joins Lewes on work experience!
  18. LingfieldBee

    Dany N'Guessan Looked promising when i saw him in our 2-2 draw at there place.
  19. LingfieldBee

    Connell's Reception by Bees fans

    I have a ST in ER and really hoping that some of the idiots in there dont decide to give Connel a bad reception. Hoping for no, 'Brentford reject' chants or booing. Last Season he was one of the reasons with his goals we didnt go down and hopefully people will understand this. Be a shame if he...
  20. LingfieldBee

    M4 Cup ??

    After Swansea trip on the coach got me thinking, one road the M4 stretches right across from London as far as Swansea, and along the way noticing all the football clubs just off the M4. I know pre season has gone but got me thinking, M4 cup next pre season not really on topic obviously with...
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